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Every MW2 (2022) Multiplayer Map – Core & Battle Modes

Call of Duty MW2 features a huge range of Core and Battle maps in its multiplayer mode – here is every map you can expect to see.

Every CoD game is absolutely packed with fantastic maps, and Modern Warfare 2 is no different. Players can expect to fight in beautifully detailed locations from around the world.

Whether it’s a collection of tight alleyways or a neon-soaked racetrack, every map in MW2 offers players something completely different.

Of course, before you jump into the multiplayer mode to test these maps out, why not collect all of the exclusive MW2 campaign rewards and unlock some unique Operators?

two soldiers fighting each other in the museum map in MW2

Core & Battle Maps in MW2 Explained

What Is a Core Map?

Core maps in MW2 are your traditional CoD maps. They support 6v6 modes in smaller, more refined spaces that allow for tense, close-combat skirmishes.

Players can expect to take part in modes such as Domination, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Free for All in these Core maps.

What Is a Battle Map?

Battle maps are much larger Call of Duty maps that blend immersive exploration elements with the tense combat of Core maps.

These are primarily intended for the large-scale Ground War mode. Furthermore, they take place in locations from Warzone 2 from across Al Mazrah.

Every Core Map in MW2

Farm 18

the Farm 18 MW2 multiplayer map

Farm 18 is a map set in a military training facility that lies at the heart of a cement factory. Players can expect outdoor areas surrounding a shoot house in the center of the map.

Crown Raceway

a red and black race car on an abandoned racetrack in the map Grand Prix from MW2 with a large building with the word "Emergency" on it to the left

Crown Raceway offers players the chance to explore a racetrack. You’ll be able to access the racetrack itself, backstage areas, and even a multicolored Ferris wheel.

Mercado Las Almas

the Mercado Las Almas MW2 Multiplayer map

Mercado Las Almas is set in a street market in a historic section of Mexico. Featuring a warehouse, this fast-paced map will feature lots of action, especially down its center lane.

Breenbergh Hotel

the Breenbergh Hotel map from MW2 multiplayer mode

Breenbergh Hotel is a map set in a beautiful five-star hotel in Amsterdam. You’ll explore the stunning lower floors of the hotel in this intense close-combat map.

El Asilo

the El Asilo Map from MW2 multiplayer

El Asilo is a mixture of open outdoor spaces surrounding a two-storey building with plenty of open-plan rooms.


the embassy map in modern warfare 2

Embassy revolves around a US embassy filled with tight corridors and densely detailed rooms as well as a small exterior section.

Santa Seña Border Crossing

the Santa Sena Border Crossing Map from MW2 multiplayer

Santa Seña Border Crossing is an outdoor map set along a winding border crossing between Mexico and the United States. You’ll have to maneuver between various vehicles to surprise your enemy.


the Taraq Map from MW2 multiplayer

Taraq involves a destroyed urban environment set in a desert filled with abandoned bombed-out buildings and wide open spaces.

Al Bagra Fortress

the Al Bagra Map from MW2 multiplayer

Al Bagra Fortress involves an intense close-quarters interior set in a key fortress building as well as a handful of exterior locations.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric

the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Map from MW2 multiplayer

Zarqwa Hydroelectric involves tight urban environments and bodies of water to allow for intense firefights and strategic maneuvers.

If you’re excited to jump into these new maps, then why not try them out in every multiplayer mode available in MW2 at launch?

Every Battle Map In MW2

Sariff Bay

the map Sariff Bay from MW2 multiplayer mode

Sariff Bay is a huge map featuring a fishing village at its core with rooftops perfect for sniping others from. Surrounding it is a large body of water perfect to try out MW2’s new swimming mechanics.


the Sa'id City map from MW2 multiplayer mode

Sa’id is a map more focused on urban combat. It is a balance between the tense combat from Core maps and the exploration from the Battle maps.

Santa Seña

the Santa Sena Border Crossing Map from MW2 multiplayer

Santa Seña contains the Santa Seña multiplayer map and expands upon it in great detail. Players will also be able to explore the surrounding towns between the border wall.


a pov shot of the player fighting in Taraq in MW2 Invasion mode

Like Santa Seña, Taraq builds upon its multiplayer counterpart by adding more buildings, a temple, and far wider open spaces. It’s the perfect map for snipers to pick off targets with ease.


the Mercado Las Almas MW2 Multiplayer map

Guijarro offers players an enormous and colorful urban environment filled with densely packed streets, tall buildings with excellent vantage points, and the Mercado Las Almas multiplayer map at its core.

However, before jumping into any of these maps, check out the brand new Gunsmith system in MW2 to customize a loadout.

All Rumoured Season 1 MW2 Maps

Infinity Ward – the developer of MW2 – has teased that a “returning fan-favorite multiplayer map” will appear in MW2 Season 1. There has been plenty of speculation as to which map it will be.

However, considering that maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 such as Highrise, Terminal, and Quarry are coming to Warzone 2, many believe it could be one of those.

Here are all the potential returning maps that could appear in MW2 Season 1 based on returning maps in Warzone 2 and fan speculation:

  • Quarry
  • Highrise
  • Terminal
  • Rust
  • Showdown
  • Dome
the map Quarry from Warzone 2

In the meantime, before this rumored map appears, you should definitely check out all field upgrades and find the best ones for you.

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