Aim assist in Call of Duty has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years, and in Modern Warfare 2, the conversation has been ignited once more.

MW2 players have started noticing that aim assist is as powerful as ever, and calls have been made for it to be nerfed.

While some players won’t want you to take advantage of aim assist in MW2, there are settings that can make it even stronger.

Aim in MW2

Best Settings For Aim Assist in MW2

These are the best settings for Aim Assist to quickly lock on to targets in quicker succession:

  • Aim Assist Type – Default or Black Ops
  • Aim Response Curve Type – Dynamic

Choosing Default or Black Ops Aim Assist Type is up to preference, as both are very similar in functionality in MW2.

Setting your Aim Response Curve to Dynamic will help you to lock on to enemy players more rapidly. This will make it, so you move quickly when you first use the left stick but move slowly at the end of the movement.

To change these settings, here is what you will need to:

  • Press the “Start” button on your PlayStation or Xbox
  • Press R1/RB three times to get to “Settings”
  • Go down to “Controller”
  • On “Controller” press R1/RB once to move to the “Advanced” tab
  • Aim Assist Type will be the second setting, with Aim Response Curve Type as the third

If you pair these settings up with the rest of MW2’s best controller settings, you will be sure to top the leaderboard in your games!

Aim Assist Settings in MW2

How Strong is Aim Assist in MW2?

According to the MW2 community, the aim assist is quite powerful. Players have discovered that they do not need to use their analog sticks to lock onto enemies.

This function appears to be overpowered due to rotational aim assist. The rotational aim assist is what keeps controller players on target while they are moving, the enemy is moving, or both.

This Twitter video by TonyBoy showcases just how strong aim assist is. He even demonstrates examples where he does not touch the right stick.

Aim Assist in MW2 appears to also be powerful when hip firing.

MW2 Players Call for Aim Assist Nerf

Players in the community have called for aim assist to be nerfed. Content creators and casuals have both let their opinions be known on social media!

Pro Call of Duty player “Scump” believes aim assist is too strong. He claims it makes it so “you don’t even need to aim anymore”.

Faze Mongraal believes aim assist needs to be nerfed by 80%.

However, Mongraal isn’t the only person calling for a nerf!

It will be interesting to see if Infinity Ward listens to the community and releases an update reducing the effects of aim assist!

If you want to keep an eye on if Infinity Ward will nerf aim assist, they have released a Trello Board to track bugs and upcoming updates!

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