Update: Third Person Moshpit playlist has returned in Modern Warfare 2 on February 1, 2023. It was removed on January 26 but is now available to play again after high demand from the community.

It was also removed from Warzone 2 on January 12, but 3rd Person BR Duos has now been added back into the game on February 1 as well.

It is possible that the mode will just be rotated in and out of the game every so often in an attempt to keep the game feeling fresh.

If that is the case, fans may see it disappear every once in a while. Playlist updates usually happen every Thursday.

3rd person gameplay in COD MW2

Why Was the Third Person Mode Removed From MW2?

It is currently unclear why Activision removed the 3rd person mode from COD MW2. Fans have speculated that it could be due to a lack of players or because it splits the fanbase.

However, many have come to the defense of the third person mode, claiming they had no issues getting into full lobbies.

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There are several big changes coming to MW2, including the return of a fan-favorite mode. So, it’s possible that the 3rd person mode got removed in the shuffle.

It is worth noting that the 3rd person mode is still accessible in private lobbies and has only been removed from public matches.

How to Play MW2 3rd Person Mode in Private Matches

To play MW2 in third person mode in a Private Match, you need to set up a Private Match and head into the match settings.

From there, go to the Player tab and scroll down until you find Third Person View. Switch it to On, and you’ll be able to play MW2 in 3rd person.

Here are the complete instructions on how to play MW2 in 3rd person mode in a Private Match:

  • Go to Private Match and select Create Private Match
  • Select the mode you want to play (Bounty, Team Deathmatch, Domination, etc.)
  • Go to Game Setup and select Game Rules
    • If the Game Setup option is locked, you will need to wait a few seconds for the Game Code to generate. The Game Setup option should then unlock. If that doesn’t work, you can select CODCASTER and press back.
Creating a private match in MW2
  • Press the R1 twice until you reach the Player option menu
  • Under Player, scroll down until you find Third Person View.
  • You can then change Third Person View to All Players or one specific team
The Third Person View option in MW2

Modern Warfare 2 Players Baffled With Removal of 3rd Person Mode

The 3rd Person Moshpit mode from Call of Duty MW2 has been removed completely from the game. Its removal has left players who sunk money and time into the mode baffled.

Many fans had specifically purchased MW2 to play the much-anticipated 3rd Person Moshpit mode. Now, they feel like they’re entitled to a refund.

byu/gorays21 from discussion
byu/gorays21 from discussion

Some players believe that it should remain a permanent fixture due to how it feels like a fundamentally different game.

The dedicated fans of the 3rd person mode believe that even relegating it to a playlist and not giving it its own mode is wrong.

Considering the outrage when 3rd person mode was removed from Warzone 2 in December 2022, it is a surprise that Activision removed it again without warning.

byu/gorays21 from discussion
playing in 3rd person in MW2
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