If you’ve beaten MW2 2022’s campaign and gotten to the ending, you may be a little confused, but fortunately for you, we’re here to explain it all.

From brand-new villains to teases of controversial missions, the ending of MW2 2022 sure did leave an impression.

But after the globe-trotting and terrorist plots, fans may be left a little confused as to what it all means. This is especially true when it comes to who the new characters are meant to be.

Thankfully, even the most confused fans can appreciate the many exclusive campaign rewards you get for beating the game.

This article will spoil the plot and ending of MW2 2022

MW2 2022 Ending Explained

After killing Major Hassan Zyani and preventing his missile from destroying Washington DC, Price, Laswell, Gaz, Soap, and Ghost meet for a drink.

The conflict between the cartel and AQ seems to be finally over. Our heroes have escaped the clutches of the Shadow Company and all seems well.

Well, not for too long, as Laswell comes with some bad news. She shows Price a photograph of someone the Russians have begun working with, someone who poses an entirely new and much bigger threat.

Captain Price telling Laswell the name "Makarov" in a bar in MW2

This person is known to Task Force 141 as well as long-time Modern Warfare fans. The photo is of Makarov, someone who is surely the villain of the next Modern Warfare game.

Does Ghost Die in MW2 2022?

No, Ghost doesn’t die in the MW2 (2022) campaign. He is alive and well at the end of the story as you can see him drinking with Price, Laswell, Gaz, and Soap.

This is unlike the original Modern Warfare 2 where Ghost was betrayed and shot by General Shepherd. However, this time around, Ghost does reveal his face to Task Force 141.

Who Is Makarov in MW2 2022?

Makarov in MW2 2022 is almost certainly Vladimir Makarov, who was the villain of the original Modern Warfare games.

While he didn’t make an appearance until Modern Warfare 2 (2009), he was ultimately the man behind all of the events of the three Modern Warfare games.

Makarov in the MW2 2009 mission No Russian

The reveal that he will be the antagonist in a future Modern Warfare sequel makes perfect sense. Fans are undoubtedly very excited to see him return after this tease.

Is There a Post Credit Scene in MW2 2022?

Yes, there is a post-credit scene in MW2 2022 that plays after the first wave of credits. Don’t worry, for fans eager to see it, you won’t have to wait very long.

It is no surprise that a post-credits zinger made its way into MW2 2022. Modern Warfare (2019) also had a post-credits scene where Captain Price reveals he’s putting together the iconic Task Force 141.

MW2 2022 Post Credit Scene Explained

The MW2 2022 post-credits scene shows a man on a plane building a pistol, before receiving a text that reads “No Russian”.

This is a reference to the infamous and highly controversial level from the original Modern Warfare 2, No Russian. It saw players attack an airport and even shoot innocent civilians.

a phone displaying a text that reads "No Russian" in MW2 2022

It’s likely that the No Russian mission will return in some shape or form in a potential future sequel. At the very least, it’s further confirmation that Makarov will be the villain, as he clearly sent that text.

What Happened to General Shephard in MW2 2022?

It is unclear as to what happens to General Shephard at the end of MW2 2022 as he disappears once his nefarious involvement with Phillip Graves comes to light.

However, he isn’t dead, nor has he been written off completely. So, it’s very likely that he will return in the next game.

What Happened to Phillip Graves in MW2 2022?

Phillip Graves is last seen in a tank attacking Soap and Rodolfo in Las Almas, Mexico, before being blown up and presumed dead.

However, while it’s almost guaranteed that he is dead, no body is seen, and no one bothers to check. It is often the rule that if a body isn’t found, it means they aren’t truly dead.

Will There Be a Sequel to MW2 2022?

It is practically guaranteed that there will be a sequel to MW2 2022 thanks to the information garnered from the game’s ending and post-credits scene.

Task Force 141 including Gaz, Captain Price, Ghost and Vargas

While nothing has been confirmed by Activision yet, the reveal of Makarov and the tease of No Russian would strongly indicate that a sequel is coming, if not in the works already.

Of course, now that you’ve beaten the main story you can try out the multiplayer mode. Just be sure you understand how to register your phone number to play MW2 on PC.

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