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Musician Beats Elden Ring Boss With a Harp Controller

As if Elden Ring wasn’t difficult enough, one talented musician has taken down a boss with nothing more than a harp.

Elden Ring has been out for a few months now, and many gamers have come to the end of their time in the Lands Between. However, for many fans, FromSoftware’s title still has plenty to offer.

Lately, we’ve seen a number of reasons to return to the notoriously difficult game.

Firstly, one fan has remade Elden Ring for the Game Boy, for those who want a retro touch to their adventure.

And there’s also a new Elden Ring mod that makes the whole game playable in co-op!

But for some gamers, the most fun element of Elden Ring is its difficulty. Or so we must assume, as fans go out of their way to make things even more challenging.

Margit the Fell Omen With a Harp Controller
Anna Ellsworth

Elden Ring Fan Uses Harp Controller to Beat Margit Boss Fight

One talented fan of Elden Ring is storming through the Lands Between using nothing more than their trusty harp. And they just managed to take down Margit the Fell Omen.

One of the first major walls for new players to overcome in Elden Ring’s first mandatory boss fight. Margit the Fell Omen might be a cakewalk for veteran players, but we’re certain that it took most Tarnished a fair few attempts at the start of their adventure.

Now, a talented musician is showing off their skills in both the harp and Elden Ring by taking on the boss without their controller. Instead, Reddit user Lettuce4Dayz (AKA Anna Ellsworth) has managed to set up their game to be controlled by notes played on the harp.

“To be fair, I’ve spent way more of my life with a harp against my shoulder than with a controller in my hands,” Lettuce4Dayz writes.

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The Elden Ring Harp Controller Setup

The user explains that they have 4 strings dedicated to walking forward, left, right, and backward. They also have 4 strings dedicated to moving the camera in increments.

On top of that, the musician must remember the correct fingering for Dodge (A), Light Attack (G), Heal (Low A) and more! They don’t even have the real estate for a heavy attack string right now, with the harp limited by its string count.

Musician Beats Margit With Harp
Anna Ellsworth

Despite playing on such a tricky setup, the harpist managed to take down Margit handily in the clip below. The effort, which took more than a few attempts, gives the boss fight a lovely musical accompaniment.

Aside from defeating Margit, Ellsworth has also beaten Dark Souls’ Ornstein and Smough with her harp-playing skills. Be sure to check out the full fight (and the musician’s YouTube channel) below!

We imagine using a harp to control your game is even harder than using Elon Musk’s awful Elden Ring build.

But nothing makes the game more difficult than this Elden Ring mod that turns EVERY enemy into Malenia. If Ellsworth can manage to take down that boss with a harp, there’ll be no stopping her.

Of course, one Elden Ring player did just beat Malenia for the 1000th time! Perhaps they could give the mod a go and come out an Elden Lord.

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