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MultiVersus: What is Rested XP?

MultiVersus offers an interesting mechanic in the form of Rested XP, but how does this system work, and what does it do?

MultiVersus is like many other free-to-play games. It may take up more of your time than premium titles, but you’ll still love playing it.

However, MultiVersus strangely offers you an incentive to not play the game for a day or two with a system called Rested XP.

We’re going to explain everything you need to know about Rested XP in MultiVersus, including what it does and how it works!

MultiVersus – Rested XP System Explained

Here’s all of the information you need on MultiVersus’ Rested XP mechanic:

What is Rested XP?

Rested XP is a boost towards Battle Pass progression, rewarding players for spending time away from the game, but coming back daily.

All Battle Pass XP is doubled while Rested XP is active, meaning you’ll get more progress to the Battle Pass despite playing the same matches.

You can find the Rested XP bar in the lobby, underneath the “Play” button, as well as in the Battle Pass menu.

MultiVersus What is Rested XP

As the bar depletes, you’ll lose out on Rested XP and will have to wait until it recharges.

The Rested XP system is only one of a few methods for finishing the MultiVersus Battle Pass quickly!

How Long Does It Take for Rested XP to Recharge?

Rested XP can take roughly 24 hours to fully recharge, depending on how much it has been used in one play session.

It shouldn’t be a problem if you casually play MultiVersus. Playing at roughly the same time every day will mean that you never see it get too low.

If you only play to complete your challenges, you’ll usually have the boost active. And while you’re doing your dailies, find out how to easily complete challenges in MultiVersus with this easy trick.

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How Much XP Do You Get From Rested XP?

It depends on a few factors, but it’s always double what you’d normally get. And as we said before, wins offer more XP.

Say you win a match of 2 vs 2. You get 7 XP for completing the match, and another 5 XP for winning the match, making it 12 XP. With Rested XP, your Battle Pass will get 24 XP towards it instead of the 12.

While the amount of XP you can get from matches is fairly small, the Rested XP boost makes it more worthwhile.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Rested XP system in MultiVersus. But if you’re hoping to play with your friends, find out how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus.

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