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MultiVersus Testing Major Buffs for Batman Ahead of Open Beta

MultiVersus is making some major changes ahead of its Open Beta, including some major buffs for Batman.

In case you missed out on the recent Closed Alpha news, MultiVersus is a new platform fighter from Player First Games. With a roster of fully-voiced, popular Warner Bros. characters to choose from, the game already has an excellent cast on deck.

But it seems that the upcoming title is bringing even more familiar faces to its character pool very soon. Check out this datamine revealing who else is dropping in MultiVersus at launch.

And according to a strange reference in the in-game files, this iconic anime character is also coming to MultiVersus soon!

MultiVersus Batman and Shaggy
WB Games

For now, before new characters make their debut, the developer needs to balance its existing roster.

Batman Buffs Coming to MultiVersus?

In a new series of tweets, Game Director Tony Huynh reveals a series of major buffs are in testing for Batman in MultiVersus.

If you were of the opinion that the Caped Crusader was a little too weak in Warner Bros.’ platform fighter, you weren’t the only one. Despite excellent speed and maneuverability, Batman wasn’t quite able to keep up with other characters.

As such, his placement on the MultiVersus character tier list was a little lower than fans would hope.

However Huynh currently has new Batman buffs in testing, and they sound like a massive step-up.

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MultiVersus Battle
WB Games

Although none of these changes are confirmed to be coming to the game officially, we’ll likely see a stronger Dark Knight in the Open Beta. Here’s what’s in testing for Batman right now:

  • While in smoke, Batman and allies will ignore enemy projectiles.
  • Hitting with attacks in smoke or 1 second after leaving smoke will apply 5 stacks of Weaken instead of 1. (Weaken increases damage and knockback to an enemy by 5% per stack)
  • Up Air 2 applies an electric damage over time effect to an enemy.
  • Up Air 1 now combos into Up Air 2 on hit more easily.

These changes are certain to raise Batman’s overall viability in combat. After all, making enemies take 25% extra damage instead of just 5% is a huge change, making smoke a far more useful tool in Batman’s wheelhouse.

And don’t miss the 4 characters confirmed to be getting nerfs in MultiVersus already either! It seems like the next time we get our hands on the title, it could be in a very different state.

Check out these new datamined skins that we can’t wait to see in MultiVersus soon!

Meanwhile, the game’s Director reports that he would add classic horror villains to MultiVersus – under one condition!

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