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MultiVersus Teases 3 New Characters, Reveal Expected Today

The team over at MultiVersus are teasing three new characters joining the roster, with the reveal of these characters expected today.

Whether you’ve had the chance to play or not, we can all admit that MultiVersus has an interesting roster. Plenty of characters from properties like DC and Game of Thrones are here, with more arriving soon.

And while MultiVersus only began its Early Access period this week, with MultiVersus’ Open Beta releasing soon for everyone else, it seems new characters are coming very soon.

It seems that the team behind MultiVersus are teasing some new characters arriving soon, with an expected reveal today.

New Characters Coming to MultiVersus Soon, With Possible Reveal Today

The MultiVersus Discord Staff have added three new character channels, with the names simply set as “!?” for now.

WB Games

Known as Icons instead of “Fighters” or “Characters”, these channels are where players can discuss individual characters. Every current character in the roster has their own channel.

However, some users spotted some additional channels, which were recently added by the Discord team. There are currently three channels that are unnamed, meaning new characters are likely coming soon.

There are a few assumptions we could make based on recent leaks of new MultiVersus characters. However, there are a couple of characters that we can make educated guesses for.

The first character is very likely to be Rick Sanchez. His player model was found in the current files, fully playable with a set of skins and emotes. Due to the fact that he’s pretty much complete, we can assume he’ll be revealed soon.

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Next, we can likely say that the second character is LeBron James. He’s been datamined in MultiVersus’ files with other characters before, and a lot of players believe he’s pretty much complete.

As for the third character, there are a few choices. It could be anything from Gandalf, to Raven, to Gizmo from Gremlins.

All of these characters are expected to be revealed at the MultiVersus Panel at San Diego Comic Con. But when will these reveals start?

What Time is the MultiVersus San Diego Comic-Con Panel?

The MultiVersus SDCC Panel is expected to start at 10:15 AM PT / 1:15 PM ET / 6:15 PM BST and will last around an hour.

What Time is the MultiVersus San Diego Comic-Con Panel
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Other than the three character reveals, we expect to see some idea of the future of MultiVersus, and possibly more about the Ranked Mode in MultiVersus and how that will work.

There could also be a look at the first official Battle Pass for the game, as well as some upcoming skins to expect for characters.

Some people, such as popular MultiVersus Leaker MvsLeaks, believe that Rick Sanchez could be in the game as soon as July 26.

For now, we have plenty of characters to enjoy. And if you’re struggling to find your main, check out our best characters in MultiVersus tier list.

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