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MultiVersus Reveals Rick Sanchez, LeBron James, Morty & Release Dates

A new trailer for MultiVersus reveals three new characters, including Rick & Morty and Space Jam’s LeBron James.

If you’ve been playing Warner Bros.’ new platform fighter, chances are you’re eagerly awaiting the release of more characters. After all, the game currently has a fairly limited roster, despite featuring some of the publisher’s biggest franchises.

With Warner Bros. owning so many properties, the potential for new characters is almost limitless! And if you’re wondering what the full fighter list looks like, we might already know the answer.

Recently, the original MultiVersus leaker revealed the game’s full character list. Whether or not it turns out to be correct remains to be seen, but we’re off to a good start.

After all, Rick and LeBron both feature on the list, greatly improving the leak’s reliability.

Lebron James Multiversus
WB Games

LeBron James, Rick, Morty Multiversus Release Dates

Lebron James will be coming to Multiversus on July 26 while Morty Smith will enter the arena on August 9, with Rick coming at a later date.

Rick Sanchez

After being leaked heavily for months on end, we can now confirm that Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) is indeed coming to MultiVersus. The genius scientist and ‘Rickest Rick’ in all of time and space battles using his trusty portal gun, Mr. Meeseeks, and a blaster.

Rick is a Mage and will head to the MultiVersus sometime in Season 1.

Morty Smith

Joining Rick Sanchez will be his trusty partner and nephew, Morty Smith. Morty tends to get dragged into whatever scheme Rick is cooking up, so it makes sense to see him jump into the MultiVersus roster.

Rick & Morty will also feature their own stage that players can battle through. Morty is a Bruiser and will release on MultiVersus on August 9!

LeBron James

Meanwhile, perhaps the most surprising character reveal yet may go to LeBron James, being an actual human being.

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LeBron recently starred in Space Jam 2, and this version of the pro basketball player appears to be based around that Warner Bros. IP rather than the athlete as a whole.

LeBron will be able to dunk on opponents, as well as pass around a basketball to charge up his specials.

The official reveal for all the characters actually showed LeBron James battling in the Rick & Morty MultiVersus stage!

Lebron James is a Bruiser and his abilities include:

  • Buckets!: Aim/Throw his basketball, then summon another.
  • Work the Floor: Sweeps a basketball around his ankles, hitting multiple targets.
  • Denied: Slam basketball down or create a fence that blocks projectiles

Players will be able to jump into battle with LeBron on July 26.

Don’t miss the leak of the first anime character that may be coming to MultiVersus soon!

And the MultiVersus Director even says he’d include iconic horror movie villains under one condition.

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