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MultiVersus Players Call for Nerf to Ultra Instinct Shaggy

In spite of the meme, MultiVersus players are calling for Shaggy to get a nerf in the game’s next patch.

Ultra Instinct Shaggy is finally canon, according to MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh, but is the fighter a little too overpowered?

In-game we learn that the Scooby Doo character is holding back, using just 1% of his power level at most, yet he’s one of MultiVersus’ top tier characters in Open Beta.

In case you’re confused, the ‘Ultra Instinct’ Shaggy meme saw the beloved mystery-solver hide a dark power inside him, making him a force to be reckoned with. Now, MultiVersus makes that meme a reality, giving Shaggy powers similar to Dragon Ball’s Goku.

And while he’s an excellent character to try out in-game, Shaggy might be too strong in MultiVersus right now.

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MultiVersus Shaggy Locked
WB Games

Is Shaggy Overpowered in MultiVersus?

Ultra Instinct or Super Shaggy could use a bit of fine-tuning in MultiVersus, as the character is seen by many as being a little too strong.

We’re still in the early days of Open Beta but it’s clear that the meta is evolving. And after the recent Taz nerf in MultiVersus, could Shaggy be next up?

Right now, there are two main reasons that players are calling for a Shaggy nerf. Shockingly, neither one is due to his ‘Zoinks!’ Rage state.

Instead, criticism appears to revolve around these two aspects of the character’s kit:

Chiller Instinct Kick

First of all, his side-special, ‘Chiller Instinct Kick’ is one of the highest knockback moves in the game right now. Despite a visible start-up, the attack comes out fast and hits a little too hard.

Shaggy Chiller Instinct Kick
WB Games

When you see a Rage-state Shaggy, you can already bet that a boosted Chiller Instinct Kick is coming your way.

And what’s makes it even stronger is that players can even adjust the attack angle in the air, allowing them to drop down on an unsuspecting enemy while the move is already in play.

Super Armor & Priority

But what’s perhaps more nerf-worthy is Shaggy’s armor and priority in MultiVersus. Despite being a rather standard character all-around, the Scooby Doo gang member has a few moves that will tank a hit or beat out other fighters altogether.

“It’s kind of goofy how it feels you can just throw out strong attacks willy-nilly and just beat out anyone anyway with your armor and priority,” Reddit user thatpikminguy writes.

Ultra Instinct Shaggy MultiVersus
WB Games

Charge up Shaggy’s neutral punch attack and you can absorb damage and hit an enemy like a ton of bricks. His down special is similarly armored, although far less useful in practice.

Generally though, players seem to think that Shaggy has more priority (meaning he’ll win out if two attacks collide) than other fighters. And with Player First Games paying close attention to the wishes of the community, it might not be long until the character gets a nerf.

But there’s bad news for Shaggy fans already. As of the latest update, Shaggy is no longer free in MultiVersus and players aren’t happy.

Despite that fact, MultiVersus is already breaking records with its player count.

And for those who love the game, here’s which characters are coming to MultiVersus next!

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