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MultiVersus Players Complain About Overpriced Microtransactions

Players are reporting overpriced microtransactions, expensive Founder’s Packs, and strange premium currency values in MultiVersus’ Early Access period.

MultiVersus was recently released into Early Access, allowing players a week to play before it opens to others in Open Beta. While there are a few methods to get into Early Access, many are expecting to play when it goes free.

And with MultiVersus being a free-to-play game at its core, it’s no surprise that it contains microtransactions. Of course, Warner Bros. and Player First Games need to make a profit and continue producing content.

However, many players are reporting overpriced microtransactions, along with strange values of the premium currency, Gleamium.

MultiVersus Players Report of Expensive Founder’s Packs, and Absurdly Priced MTX

Fans who have got access to MultiVersus early have been reporting of overpriced microtransactions, among other issues since the Early Access launch.

MultiVersus Founder's Packs Standard Deluxe Premium Contents and Prices
WB Games

It began with the MultiVersus Founder’s Packs, which many players deemed too expensive for their contents. In a post on the r/MultiVersusTheGame subreddit, which was showing players the Founder’s Packs, many players were confused by the premium prices.

One of the top comments reads “Would’ve considered it if they were priced a little cheaper, but I’d rather save my money to spend on skins or other cosmetics I know I want later down the line.”

This is one of the many comments that had a similar sentiment. However, many of the community are vocal over the strange pricing for MultiVersus’ in-game currency, Gleamium.

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Spending $5 on Gleamium won’t even get you 500 Gleamium strangely. And you don’t get a “bonus” as many games offer until paying $20, where you’ll get 2000 Gleamium with 200 extra.

MultiVersus Rumored Characters
WB Games

However, it becomes worse when you take skins into account. Buying one of the most expensive skins, the Batman Animated Series skin, will cost you 2000 Gleamium. One comment says “I would maybe pay $3-$5 for a premium skin, and I think the Gleamium price of skins should reflect that.”

The only skin that costs Gold currently is the Iron Giant (Classic), which costs 500 Gold. However, it only removes the Superman-style S from his chest.

That’s not taking into account the price of characters. Regardless of the Gold gain, which is tedious anyway, players will need to spend 700 Gleamium to instantly unlock a character if they want to avoid the grind.

Overall, it seems the community wants some price changes in the near future. Many players are enjoying the game, other than wanting a Taz nerf in MultiVersus.

Hopefully, these changes come with the launch of Season One, which will also bring Rick and Morty to MultiVersus. But if you’re hoping to grind out characters fast, check out our easy trick on completing missions in MultiVersus.

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