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MultiVersus Open Beta Launches With Huge Steam Player Peak

The MultiVersus Open Beta has launched with a good start, as the Platform Fighter has hit a huge Steam player peak in its first day.

MultiVersus, the multiversal Platform Fighter that brings an incredible roster of fan favorites, has finally been released into Open Beta.

Over the past week, Warner Bros. Games has been allowing players to get Early Access in different ways, but now, you can get in for free.

And it seems that launching as a free-to-play game was a good choice, as MultiVersus has launched to a great Steam player count peak.

MultiVersus Launches to Great Steam Player Count Peak

MultiVersus has reached an all-time peak player count of 144,000 concurrent players on Steam, making it one of the largest Fighting games on the platform.

This player count was reached at around 7 PM PT on July 26, 2022, and is the third-highest peak concurrent player total of any Fighting game in Steam history.

The only Fighting games that have had higher all-time Steam player count peaks are Naraka: Bladepoint and For Honor. These games have all-time peaks of 187,000 and 225,000 players respectively.

MultiVersus Open Beta Peak Player Count
WB Games

These numbers are according to both Steam Charts and SteamDB, very accurate tools for measuring the success of games on Steam.

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MultiVersus is also seeing an 89% approval rating on Steam, with most reviews recommending the title.

It’s also worth mentioning that MultiVersus had server issues last night, due to the new update with LeBron James and the number of players attempting to log in. So, this number could increase over the coming weeks.

Lebron James Multiversus
WB Games

This isn’t including the player counts on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, which are likely seeing similar if not more players in MultiVersus.

If the game can keep up with content, it could have a great life. And it seems that it will, as leaks have revealed some characters possibly coming to MultiVersus.

If you’re hoping to get into MultiVersus, you may need some help unlocking characters. Find out how to gain Gold fast in MultiVersus!

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