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MultiVersus Open Beta: How to Unlock Ranked Mode

Some MultiVersus players may be hoping to take their matches more competitively, but how do you unlock the Ranked Mode?

If you’re playing MultiVersus frequently, you may feel that you’re doing pretty well. You’re mastering numerous characters, learning how to play well as a duo, and are hoping to take it to the next level.

Playing competitively can bring some challenging enemies, but climbing up ranks is super rewarding. And, you’ll likely get some exclusive rewards for reaching higher ranks.

But how do you unlock Ranked Mode in MultiVersus so you can play it? Well, we have the answer here for you!

How to Play Ranked Mode in MultiVersus Open Beta

Those who are hoping to play Ranked Mode may have to wait a while longer, as it isn’t available in MultiVersus just yet.

MultiVersus How to Play Ranked Mode
WB Games

Despite being an option when you press Play on the lobby screen, the option is grayed out and inaccessible.

On the plus side, you’ll have the option to practice further. And what better way than practicing with the best characters in MultiVersus!

Unfortunately, it’s unclear how Ranked will work in MultiVersus. Or, when it will even become available. However, it’s likely that Player First Games are hoping players get used to the game first.

If we had to make an estimated guess, we would assume Ranked Mode would become available around August 8. This is when the pre-season of MultiVersus ends, and the first official season starts.

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MultiVersus Taz
WB Games

However, keep in mind that the August 8 date is just a guess. Until they announce anything, we can’t be certain. But MultiVersus’ standard mode has a Match Making Rating system too.

This means that players can track their ranking on the leaderboards, for both Duo mode and 1v1 mode.

You may need to practice with more characters soon, as the original leaker recently revealed more characters possibly coming to MultiVersus.

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