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MultiVersus Open Beta: How to Get Instant Early Access With SteelSeries

Players can get guaranteed and instant early access when the early period for the Open Beta of MultiVersus starts with SteelSeries.

We’re all waiting for MultiVersus to finally launch. After a successful Closed Alpha, MultiVersus is finally seeing an Open Beta release in July.

But some fans can get Early Access, and start playing MultiVersus even sooner than others. And while there are a few ways of doing it, there’s another method to get an Early Access code.

Here’s how to get guaranteed instant access to MultiVersus’ Open Beta, without watching streams or paying a penny.

PC Players Can Get MultiVersus Open Beta Early Access Code with SteelSeries GG App

Players on PC will be able to get Early Access to MultiVersus using their free app on Windows computers.

MultiVersus Open Beta
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While console players won’t be able to take advantage of this offer, there are plenty of methods to getting a MultiVersus Early Access code on your platform.

However, read on if you’re planning to play MultiVersus on PC, so you can make sure to use this offer!

Firstly, players on PC will need to be running a Windows 8.1 or newer version. And after that, you’ll need to download the SteelSeries GG app.

After installing the app, simply make a new account using your email address, create a password and you’ll be logged into the app. Or, if you have a SteelSeries account, simply log in.

New SteelSeries accounts will need to verify their email address before claiming any codes. Before we go, make sure to check your inbox and verify your email is correct!

MultiVersus How to Get Instant Free Early Access Codes Using SteelSeries

Once you’re verified, head over to the “Giveaways” tab of the app. You’ll be able to find the MultiVersus offer on there, and when they release, you’ll be granted a code. This will be for the Steam version of the game.

Some users are saying that they can get their code now, so it’s worth checking to see if you can get a code! But you’ll need to find out what time MultiVersus’ Open Beta will release.

And there you have it, you should be getting Early Access to MultiVersus! But before you go, check out all of the upcoming characters that have leaked for MultiVersus!

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