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MultiVersus Open Beta Early Access Invites Already Rolling Out

Lucky gamers are already receiving their early access invites for the upcoming MultiVersus Open Beta!

MultiVersus has captivated many players since the game had its first close alpha tests. Many gamers have received this title with open arms due to its unique character roster.

Smash-like games usually do not generate much impact, as it is hard to collect a roster of characters as unique as the one in the epic Nintendo brawler.

Where others have failed, MultiVersus is succeeding. The free-to-play game is about to launch its Open Beta soon, and some lucky gamers are already getting their early access confirmation!

Warner Bros. Games

Still have not received your invite? How to Get Early Access to MultiVersus Open Beta

MultiVersus Open Beta Early Access Confirmation Emails Are Rolling Out Now

For those who participated in the MultiVersus close alpha playtests, the invites confirming Early Access to the Open Beta are already rolling out.

This is excellent news for those who want to try out the newly announced Iron Giant and its unique abilities!

However, these confirmation emails do not include any codes or links to redeem the early access for the MultiVersus Open Beta.

For the time being, this communication serves only as a confirmation that players are getting early access.

According to the confirmation mail, the game code and additional redemption instructions will come in a separate email on July 19th.

MultiVersus Early Access Open Beta Invite Confirmation Email
Warner Bros. Games

Also, the email restated that the MultiVersus Open Beta will be available for PC (on Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

There is a lot of hype for this beta after an excellent alpha. Some exciting changes are also in the works for this upcoming playtest.

In particular, Batman is expected to receive major buffs during this Open Beta!

To add fuel to this hype, leaks have already revealed what could be the complete character roster of MultiVersus.

If the already impressive fighter roster is not enough, anime fans could be in for a treat! Recent leaks revealed that an iconic anime character could be headed to MultiVersus.

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