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MultiVersus’ Most Overpowered Characters Are Already Getting Nerfs

It seems that MultiVersus already has a series of nerfs coming to 4 fighters that are just a little too overtuned.

If you’ve been playing a lot of MultiVersus during its Closed Alpha Technical Test, you might have noticed a few OP characters. One of the reasons for a trial period like this is, after all, to ensure that the full release is as fair and balanced as possible.

Right now, the MultiVersus team is watching everyone enjoying their upcoming release. But they’re also clearly on the lookout for characters that might be a little too powerful.

We’ve put together a list of the highest-tier MultiVersus fighters from our own experience. And now it seems like a few of those are getting nerfs very soon.

MultiVersus Batman and Shaggy

If you’re still looking for entry, it seems new Alpha codes are going out this weekend!

But for those willing to splash some cash, MultiVersus codes are now appearing on eBay…

MultiVersus Nerfs Coming to Finn, Jake, Reindog, & Harley Quinn

We’re only a few days into the MultiVersus Closed Alpha and already nerfs are coming to at least 4 fighters.

In a recent tweet from Game Director Tony Huynh, the Player First Games co-founder thanks fans for helping the team test out MultiVersus.

But after streamer Rhymatics pointed out that some characters seem a little too powerful, Huynh confirmed that adjustments are already on the way.

In fact, it seems that Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Harley Quinn, and Reindog are first up at bat for changes. Each one of the four will be getting more punish windows, leaving themselves a little more open after attacking.

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MultiVersus Finn, Jake, Reindog, & Harley Quinn
WB Games

It’s not hard to see why, particularly for characters like Finn and Harley. These speedy characters can chase down players with a barrage of attacks to secure the stock with ease.

As for when the nerfs are dropping, we don’t have any further details at the moment. It could be that we get an update mid-Alpha, else Player First Games could be saving the adjustments until the trial is over.

However, these four combatants are likely not the only ones seeing changes. After all, there’s still some time until the MultiVersus Open Beta goes live.

We also found out recently that the Open Beta unlocks will be permanent for all players. So we can finally start the grind for real, without our progress resetting once again.

Plus, by then, we might even begin seeing these datamined characters arrive in MultiVersus. And if the leaks are true, the fighting game is about to have one of the best rosters of all time.

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