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MultiVersus Leak Reveals New Skins: Ryu Shaggy, Tune Squad Bugs, Fern & More

A brand-new MultiVersus leak is here and it’s detailing some of the skins we can expect to see on launch day.

The MultiVersus Closed Alpha has come to an end, and we’re sad to see it go. Now we’re being forced to live in a world where the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme is no longer playable in an official title once again.

You might be glad to know that MultiVersus’ most overpowered characters are already getting nerfs. And we’re sure it’ll be a whole new game by the time we get to go hands-on again.

Don’t forget that unlocks in the MultiVersus Open Beta will be permanent. And for all the details on the upcoming trial, see our full breakdown below:

Shaggy Skins in MultiVersus
(Image Source: VGC)
WB Games

New Skins Datamined for MultiVersus Roster

A plethora of new skins is leaking for MultiVersus, thanks to a recent datamine. Here’s what new cosmetics will be making their way to the game.

Thanks to leaker LusiaMV on Twitter, we have an idea about what skins might be dropping alongside the upcoming Beta, on launch day, or beyond.

Here is the full list of cosmetics shown in the recent leak:

  • Arya – Water Dancer
  • Batman – The Animated Series, Ninja
  • Bugs Bunny – Lady Bunny, Bougie, Tune Squad (Space Jam 1), Conductor
  • Finn the Human – Fern
  • Garnet – Casual, The Answer (First Fusion)
  • Harley Quinn – Original Costume, Task Force X
  • Reindog – Armored, Chef, Christmas, Chinese Dragon
  • Shaggy – Bruce Lee-inspired?, Bearded Ryu-inspired
  • Steven Universe – Beach Training, Future, Tiger Millionaire
  • Superman – Grey Zombie, Fleischer-era, Superman Prime One Million
  • Tom & Jerry – Tuxedo and Hunting Gear, Detectives, Cowboys
  • Wonder Woman – Diana of Themyscira, Nubia

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Bear in mind that I may well have missed some key references when describing some of these costumes. And while we can’t upload the images ourselves, you can find the full album below, before it gets taken down.

Meanwhile, we just got a big new leak of new fighters coming to MultiVersus from the leaker who originally revealed the game!

Plus, with mods, players have already been using Minecraft’s Steve, Goku, and more in MultiVersus. We can’t wait to see what’s possible after launch!

Thanks again to LusiaMV for leaking these skins, and we’re sure there are many more to come!

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