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MultiVersus Lag Is Affecting Matches & Generating Gamers Complaints

Some gamers are not having a great first experience with MultiVersus as they are experiencing considerable lag during online matches.

Gamers all around the globe are already enjoying MultiVersus. Most of the feedback has been positive so far despite the game being a free-to-play title.

Fans are happy with the current roster of fighters and stages. Considering you can make Shaggy fight Arya Stark in this game, we can agree the roster is quite interesting!

However, even though there are a ton of reasons to like MultiVersus, not everything is perfect.

For instance, the developers are already preparing nerfs for Taz, and some players are not having the best time due to lag-related technical issues.

MultiVersus Gameplay
Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus Matches Rendered Unplayable by Lag Gamers Report

Many gamers have complained that MultiVersus matches are being affected by considerable lag to the point of being unplayable.

Thus far, the developer has not officially addressed these complaints. However, the problem has already been reported through Multiversus’ bug report site.

Unfortunately, the tickets with this problem remain ‘Open’. This status indicates the developer has not yet started investigating the situation.

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The silver lining of this situation is that the problem seems to be intermittent. Many gamers are still able to enjoy MultiVersus despite the lag spikes.

Since the problem is not permanent, some gamers are already unlocking the Ranked mode in MultiVersus!

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According to several gamers, this is a recent issue. Some have stated this was not a problem during the first day of the MultiVersus Open Beta Early Access.

Since the movement in MultiVersus is quite fast, a brief moment of lag can make a difference in the outcome of a match.

This gamer captured a perfect example when their Iron Giant completely froze during an attack. Also, lag or no lag, remember to toast other players in MultiVersus if it was a good match!

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Hopefully, the developers will solve this problem soon! In the meantime, if you are unsure which fighter to choose, here is the best character tier list for the MultiVersus Open Beta!

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