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MultiVersus: How to Turn on Mature Language

A little-known fact about MultiVersus is that it does actually contain some mature language. However, the game won’t let you hear it right away.

MultiVersus is trying its hand to become the ultimate gaming crossover, and although Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are stiff competition, it certainly has potential.

Warner Bros.’ platform fighter isn’t the only game where you can play as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but it’s certainly the only one we know where you can pit them against LeBron James, Stephen Universe, and Jake the Dog.

And a little known fact about the title is that MultiVersus isn’t restricting itself to Warner Bros. properties forever.

In fact, it looks like Naruto could be coming to MultiVersus in the future.

WB Games

And the Game Director states that he’d even include horror movie villains in MultiVersus under one condition. But to hear what these not-so-kid-friendly characters have to offer, there’s one setting you will need to enable.

How to Turn on Swearing and Mature Language in MultiVersus

To enable swearing and turn on the option for mature language in MultiVersus, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to the Main Menu.
  • Select the Gear icon to bring up Settings.
  • Choose Audio/Language.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the Mature Language box.

Just like that, you’ll be able to enjoy all the mature language in MultiVersus!

Turn on Swearing and Mature Language in MultiVersus
WB Games

What Does Mature Language Mean in MultiVersus?

But what exactly does the mature language setting affect in MultiVersus? Even with the box checked, don’t expect to hear Superman suddenly swearing in the midst of combat.

However, a couple of notable examples of mature language can be heard when playing as Harley Quinn. When playing as the psychiatrist-turned-lovable-nutjob, players may hear her using the following voice lines:

  • “That was badass!”
  • “Bitchin’!”
  • “Holy shitburgers”

We’re sure there are many more examples of mature language to find, particularly with the release date of Rick and Morty in MultiVersus being just around the corner!

And speaking of voice lines, did you know that Teen Titan’s Raven just had all her voice lines datamined ahead of an upcoming reveal?

Plus, Rick Sanchez is already appearing in MultiVersus ahead of his launch alongside Season 1!

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