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MultiVersus: How to Train Perks Guide

If you’re hoping to make your characters even stronger in MultiVersus, you’ll need to use our guide on how to train perks to create some great builds!

MultiVersus is now available in Open Beta, and many players are able to try out the free-to-play Platform Fighter for the first time.

The MultiVersus roster features 16 incredible characters from a range of entertainment. And it’s definitely a cast of memorable characters for sure!

Each character can be leveled up and you can equip perks to make them stronger. But another feature exists called Perk Training. Here’s how to train perks in MultiVersus!

What Are Perks and What Do They Do in MultiVersus

Perks are equippable boosts that can give characters better stats than they would be without Perks in MultiVersus.

If playing with an ally in the standard Teams mode, both players can use the same Perk to get an extra boost in the stats. While they aren’t major, they can give players a slight advantage over those without Perks.

MultiVersus How to Use Perk Training

MultiVersus: Perk Training Guide – How to Train Perks for Characters

Perk Training is a feature that characters can unlock once they reach Level 9. You need to do this for every character that you want to train Perks for.

Before we get into how Perk Training works, it’s good to note that you’ll need a lot of Gold to do this. We recommend finding out how to earn Gold fast in MultiVersus.

When leveling up characters, players unlock certain Perks that work well with that character. However, there are only a few. Perk Training allows players to unlock Perks from different characters and use them on their main.

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MultiVersus Perk Training Guide How to Train Perks

Once you’ve reached Level 9 on a character, you unlock Perk Training for them. You can then use any perk from any character’s leveling track. However, Signature Perks aren’t included here for obvious reasons.

But why do you need Gold? Well, if you’ve unlocked a Perk with another character, you can train that Perk on your selected character for 100 Gold. If you haven’t unlocked it, it will cost you 150 Gold.

That means if you unlocked every perk for every character and used Perk Training on them all, it could cost you around 4,800 Gold.

It’s as simple as that! You can use this to build your character the way you like, and to suit your playstyle! But if you’re wondering which character you should focus on in MultiVersus, check out our MultiVersus best character tier list!

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