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MultiVersus: How to Play Local Multiplayer / Co-Op

If you’ve got a friend round and a spare controller, you may want to show them some MultiVersus. Well, here’s how you can play local multiplayer or couch co-op in MultiVersus!

Whether you’re an Adventure Time fan, a DC fan, or anything in between, there is plenty to love about MultiVersus.

While MultiVersus’ main focus is on playing online and unlocking new characters to level up, you may want to play with friends.

Here’s how you can start playing against or with your friends in local multiplayer, otherwise known as couch co-op!

MultiVersus: How Many Players Can Play Local Play?

MultiVersus allows for up to four players to play locally, so long as you have four controllers to connect to your console or PC.

MultiVersus How Many Players Can Play Local Play
WB Games

Unfortunately, you’ll need at least two players to play in the local play game mode. There are no bots in local multiplayer, so if you want to practice, you’ll need to play in The Lab or on the Co-Op VS AI mode online.

If you’re playing on your own, you may want to unlock some of those great characters faster! Here’s how to get Gold quickly in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus: How to Play Couch Co-Op / Splitscreen

To play local co-op in MultiVersus, follow these instructions from the lobby screen:

  • Click Play to find the mode selection menu
  • Head to the Custom tab, which can be found at the top of the screen
  • Select Local Play
  • (OPTIONAL) Change options by selecting the book at the top right. You can change time limits, modes, and how many ringouts are needed for a win.
  • Press any button on each controller to connect to the game.
  • Finally, select your fighters and start playing!

Fortunately, you’ll have access to all fighters in this mode, regardless if you have unlocked them in the online mode.

MultiVersus How to Play Couch Co-Op Splitscreen
WB Games

While you’re changing some options, find out how to turn the mature language on in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus: Can You Play Local Play With Keyboard & Mouse?

Currently, the only way to play MultiVersus with couch co-op on PC is with two controllers.

Tony Huynh, the Game Director for MultiVersus, shared some information in a tweet. Tony began by stating “For Local Play if you are playing on a keyboard the first controller also controls the first player.”

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He then says that you must connect a second controller for a second player.

MultiVersus: Can You Play Online With Local Co-Op?

Unfortunately, it seems you can’t play MultiVersus online with a friend right next to you.

MultiVersus Can You Play Online With Local Co-Op
WB Games

MultiVersus’ online is made up of players using their WB Games accounts, and as such, you can’t do local co-op and online.

Of course, there is the ability to play cross-platform. So, if you have a spare monitor and another console, you could play using two devices.

Whether this will change in the future or not is uncertain. If online does become available for couch co-op players, we’ll update this guide.

However, if you’re hoping to play online soon, find out how to complete MultiVersus challenges and seasonal milestones easily with this trick.

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