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MultiVersus: How to Level Up Battle Pass Quickly

For those looking to complete your MultiVersus Battle Passes quickly, we have some tips and tricks to help you out!

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, and while it does feature a lot of great content for free, Warner Bros. needs to make its money somehow.

And one way MultiVersus can make money is through Battle Passes. Similar to other free games, players can get a range of free and premium cosmetics.

Here’s how you can get progress your Battle Pass in MultiVersus faster, and get those cosmetics quickly!

MultiVersus – How to Complete Battle Pass Fast Guide

There are a 4 main ways to get your Battle Pass completed quickly in MultiVersus:

  • Complete Challenges / Seasonal Milestones
  • Play with Friends
  • Using Rested XP

Each way is explained in more detail below:

1. Complete Challenges / Seasonal Milestones

While playing, and hopefully winning matches does net you some XP towards your Battle Pass, completing challenges is the best way to reach higher tiers in the Battle Pass.

MultiVersus - How to Complete Battle Pass Fast Guide

Not only that, but you can complete milestones. These are like challenges, except they’re longer. However, they offer more XP as a reward.

It’s worth noting that you can reroll one daily challenge for free. So, if you’re having trouble with certain objectives, you can get a new one. Any rerolls after will cost you increasing amounts of Gold.

If you’re hoping to complete your challenges faster, find out how to easily complete challenges in MultiVersus using this trick!

2. Play with Friends

Many of the challenges can be easier to complete with the help of a friend. And there’s a good reason for this.

MultiVersus How to Play Local Multiplayer Co-Op
WB Games

Some challenges require winning matches, whether in general or as a certain class, and randoms can make this difficult. Playing with friends will allow you to communicate and play as a great duo.

Not only that, but they can help you with the notorious assists challenge. But if you need more help here, find out how to get assists in MultiVersus.

3. Using Rested XP

MultiVersus offers a Rested XP system that increases your experience towards the Battle Pass for… not playing the game.

As strange as it is, recharging your Rested XP will make grinding through those tiers even quicker. It may be worth leaving the game for around 24 hours after completing your daily challenges.

If you’re confused by the Rested XP system, find out more about Rested XP in MultiVersus.

WB Games

These are all the ways you can get your Battle Pass completed quickly in MultiVersus! While you’re here, find out how to turn on mature language in MultiVersus.

If you need more Gold to buy fighters, find out how to gain Gold quickly in MultiVersus.

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