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MultiVersus: How to Get Gold Fast Guide

If you’re saving up to buy a new character in MultiVersus, you’ll need to get a lot of Gold. Here’s how to get Gold fast in MultiVersus!

With MultiVersus in Early Access, and releasing for free in Open Beta soon, many players will get their first look at the platform fighting game.

MultiVersus features a large roster of characters, which is only going to expand, with new characters coming soon. But players will only have access to four characters when they launch the game.

To unlock more characters, you’ll need to earn Gold in-game and unlock them. However, it could take a while. Fortunately, we’re here to help, with our guide on how to earn Gold fast in MultiVersus!

Why You Need Gold in MultiVersus

You’re going to need lots of Gold to purchase everything MultiVersus has to offer in-game!

There are currently 16 characters in MultiVersus, with only four being available to you when you start playing. Each character is roughly 2-3k Gold. You’ll need to save up a lot of Gold!

MultiVersus How to Get Gold Quickly
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Before we get into the list, you can always skip the grind. By purchasing a MultiVersus Founder’s Pack, you’ll get character unlocks as well as more. Find out more about MultiVersus’ Founder’s Packs.

How to Earn Gold Quickly in MultiVersus

There are 5 main ways to earn Gold fast in MultiVersus:

  • Starter Missions
  • Level Up Rewards
  • Toasts
  • Battle Pass
  • Daily Wins

You can find a full explanation for each one, below.

1. Starter Missions

Firstly, you’ll have a set of easy-to-complete starter missions that reward you with around 2000 Gold. That’s one of the cheaper characters almost instantly.

However, if you’re hoping to purchase a 3000 Gold character, you’ll need to keep using our guide to save up more!

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2. Level Up Rewards

Next, you’ll get around 100 Gold for leveling up characters. We strongly suggest playing with a range of characters, as it is easier to level up when you’re a lower level.

You sometimes get Gold for leveling up your account too. While these rewards vary, you can get around 350 Gold for simply getting your account level to 10.

MultiVersus Taz
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3. Toasts

You can also Toast other players in the hopes you’ll get a Toast back. When another player Toasts you, you’ll get around 20 Gold. Find out how to Toast other players in MultiVersus here.

If you have a friend you can play with, you can actually set up a Custom Match and use up all of your Toasts. This way, you and your friend can earn a decent amount of Gold simply by Toasting each other.

4. Battle Pass

Currently, in the pre-season, you can earn two tiers of 250 Gold in the free track of the Battle Pass. That means you can get at least 500 Gold from the Battle Pass alone.

However, to reach higher tiers, you’ll need to play missions daily. You can re-roll one daily mission for free if you don’t want to do it.

MultiVersus Open Beta
WB Games

You also have “seasonal milestones” which give you a lot of progress towards your Battle Pass but they’re basically longer challenges. The milestones are missions like “dodge 100 attacks” or “ringout opponents in the top 75 times”.

5. Daily Wins

You’ll also earn 100 Gold coins for your first win of each day. We encourage you to play at least one match every day to earn this bonus.

In reality, your best bet is simply playing the game. Playing daily and leveling up your characters and account will slowly bring your Gold up in MultiVersus.

But you may want to hold onto your Gold for longer, as some leaks have revealed new characters that could be coming to MultiVersus.

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