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MultiVersus: How to Get Assists Guide

Some players may have challenges around getting “assists” in MultiVersus, but it isn’t exactly clear how this works. Here’s how to get assists in MultiVersus.

With MultiVersus now in Open Beta, plenty of players are attempting their daily missions to reach higher tiers in the Battle Pass.

Both daily missions and seasonal milestones offer decent amounts of Battle Pass points, which are required to progress. And while many are fairly simple in nature, getting assists has been stumping many players.

Plenty of MultiVersus players are struggling to complete challenges that require assists. Despite playing multiple games, the progress isn’t moving.

If you’re needing to get assists to finish a challenge in MultiVersus, look no further than our guide for how to get assists.

MultiVersus How to Get Assists
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How to Complete Assists Challenge / Milestone in MultiVersus

We’ve found that the best method for getting assists in MultiVersus is by playing the Free For All mode, or FFA as it’s known in-game.

Free For All can be found in the “Play” menu, and it’s the furthest option to the right. You’ll need to scroll along to find it.

This mode pits players against three opponents, in a chaotic match to see who can score the most points. But the best part is that this mode is good for getting assists.

An assist is registered when players hit an enemy, and then someone else provides the final hit. Right now, it’s unclear how long you have after hitting an enemy before an assist can occur.

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MultiVersus How to Unlock Ranked Mode
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But in the Free For All mode, players can hit anyone. So, it’s easier to get assists in this mode. But we recommend using a top character from our MultiVersus Tier List so you can keep up in FFA.

Hopefully, this will help you get more rewards in the Battle Pass. But if you need extra help, find out how to train perks in MultiVersus to make your character stronger!

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