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MultiVersus Mods Bring Steve, Goku, & More Into the Game

Some players have already begun modding MultiVersus, bringing in characters that aren’t already in the game.

MultiVersus is currently in Closed Alpha. But that hasn’t stopped it from being fairly popular, with many players wishing they received a Closed Alpha code.

In fact, people are actually selling MultiVersus alpha codes on eBay, despite the fact that the game is only available for a short period of time.

But that hasn’t stopped the community from embracing the game, so much so that some players have modded MultiVersus in a short time.

MultiVersus Mods Bring New Characters into the Multiverse

One player, in particular, @junior3DM on Twitter, has been sharing their MultiVersus mods on the social media platform.

One of their latest tweets showcased some of the characters he brought into the multiverse. Captioned “this is my multiverse of madness” with the image below.

MultiVersus Player Brings New Characters in With Mods
@junior3DM / Warner Bros.

There are also mods for Rayman too. It’s interesting to see these characters added, even if they’re unlikely to join the MultiVersus roster any time soon.

Don’t worry about losing to someone with mods, though. These mods are simply client-side, and they only change an existing model with another one.

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So, you won’t see Steve pulling off any moves that he’s learned from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as he is just a skin for Finn.

While these mods are unlikely to progress past a simple skin switch, Junior is still working on animations to make them perform better. You can see a video of Steve being played below!

The Game Director for MultiVersus, Tony Huynh, has confirmed that some of MultiVersus’ characters are already being nerfed.

And a recent leak has revealed some characters we may see in the future of MultiVersus.

Finally, if you’re enjoying MultiVersus, you may be wondering when the MultiVersus Closed Alpha will end.

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