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MultiVersus: Finn Nerf Coming Soon to Overpowered Character

It seems the next character to be getting nerfs in MultiVersus could be Finn the Human, according to Game Director Tony Huynh.

With so many characters in WB Games’ platform fighter, it’s no surprise that some fighters can be more overpowered than others.

Fortunately, Player First Games are constantly keeping players updated on what nerfs and buffs to expect.

And it seems the latest character to be receiving nerfs soon could be Finn.

Finn Could Be Getting Nerfs Soon, According to MultiVersus Game Director

MultiVersus’ Game Director, Tony Huynh was asked whether Finn nerfs were coming soon. His response was simply “yes”.

For those playing MultiVersus, or part of the community, you’ll know that players were complaining about Finn’s abilities.

A simple search for “Finn” on the r/MultiVersusTheGame subreddit will show many posts from players regarding the character.

One of the highest-voted posts on the subreddit is simply a Finn hate post. Many players are comparing Finn to the much-hated Taz before he received nerfs too.

And it’s not just Finn getting changes. Check out all the other buffs and nerfs coming to MultiVersus with its next balance patch.

MultiVersus: What Nerfs Could Be Coming to Finn?

Finn could have a few nerfs coming in the upcoming balance updates for MultiVersus, given the complaints.

While we can make some assumptions on what nerfs will come, they are only assumptions until Player First Games give us more information.

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The main nerf will likely be Finn’s up special move. The move, Backpack Attack, has been controversial in the community. Many players compared this move to Taz’s tornado attack.

This is due to the fact that it seems to land fairly frequently and deals several hits before it finishes. There’s also not much of a delay between using the ability.

Next, his second nerf could be regarding his hitbox. Many of his attacks have a higher chance of hitting opponents compared to other characters.

The hitboxes mixed in with his speed is a fairly frustrating match-up to play against, so it’s possible we could see a nerf to his standard speed.

Unfortunately, we won’t know until Finn is nerfed by the MultiVersus development team.

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