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MultiVersus Fans Want Walter White as a Character

MultiVersus hosts a large range of characters from plenty of universes, but many players want Walter White from Breaking Bad to join the roster.

Despite having a large range of existing characters from different IPs, fans are constantly asking Player First Games for new fighters.

MultiVersus already has characters from the likes of Game of Thrones, DC, and more within their roster. But fans want characters like Gumball, Gandalf, and Nightwing.

However, the most requested character to join MultiVersus is none other than Walter White from the Breaking Bad series.

MultiVersus Community Requests Walter White and Other Characters from Breaking Bad

MultiVersus players have been requesting Walter White and other characters from the Breaking Bad series to the Player First Games team.

Will Walter White and Other Breaking Bad Characters Come to MultiVersus
WB Games / Sony

Some fans are even creating accounts dedicated to the inclusion of Walter in MultiVersus. One of the most popular Twitter accounts, @MrWhite4MVS, has almost 4,000 followers.

Unfortunately, Walter White isn’t one of the many characters revealed in a recent MultiVersus leak.

The meme likely started with a Twitter post. It had the cast of MultiVersus at the end of the cinematic trailer, but with Gustavo Fring as a character.

The image was created by @TraceyTonight and had received over 50k likes, fooling plenty of people into thinking Gus was in MultiVersus.

Players then began sharing ideas, and artwork of Walter White joining the roster. There are also some players hoping for Saul Goodman, and Jesse Pinkman to become characters too.

Will Walter White Join MultiVersus?

Right now, it seems that Walter White (and other Breaking Bad characters) aren’t planned to join MultiVersus.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t at all, even if the show is for adult audiences. Tony Huynh, the Game Director for MultiVersus, said that he’d be open to Horror villains, and Game of Thrones already exists in MultiVersus with Arya Stark.

If Walter White was to join MultiVersus, WB Games and Sony Pictures would have to come to an agreement. And if some of the Breaking Bad characters do join the game, it seems many players would be happy.

However, MultiVersus’ success doesn’t depend on Breaking Bad, as the platform fighter hit a huge Steam player peak on its first day of Open Beta.

And if you’re playing MultiVersus, you may be hoping to unlock more characters! Find out how to gain Gold fast in MultiVersus!

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