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MultiVersus Director Says He’d Include Horror Villains, With One Condition

The Game Director for MultiVersus, Tony Huynh, has said that he’d be up for including iconic Horror villains under one condition.

MultiVersus has almost finished its Closed Alpha period, and it seems like a major success. In fact, even our MultiVersus Closed Alpha review says “MultiVersus is stacking up to be an incredible game that brings in the best characters of many exciting worlds.”

And while plenty of unreleased characters have leaked in a recent datamine, there is always the possibility for more characters to be added.

But an unlikely genre could be added to MultiVersus in the future, as the Game Director of MultiVersus would like Horror villains to join the roster.

MultiVersus Roster Could Feature Horror Villains, Game Director Confirms

Tony Huynh, Game Director, has said he’d be up for adding Horror villains “If the IP holder says yes.”

A user on Twitter called @BeefDerky27 tweeted at Huynh, asking “are you allowed to include horror villains in MultiVersus?”

MultiVersus Characters We'd Love to See in the Game
Warner Bros.

The Game Director responded fairly promptly. He shared a tweet reading “if the IP holder says yes, I would be for it.”

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Warner Bros. already owns characters such as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. This means they’d be a lot easier than external IPs.

Of course, it’s likely a decision up to Warner Bros. executives whether Player First Games can use these characters.

There’s also the issue of bringing in these nightmare-inducing characters into what most will perceive as a child-friendly game. However, it would be fun to see these villains be converted into more cartoon-like personas.

While Horror villains would be fun in MultiVersus, there are plenty of other characters we’d love to see in the game.

There are also players modding in characters such as Goku and Rayman into MultiVersus too.

And even though the MultiVersus Closed Alpha is almost over, that hasn’t stopped players from selling codes on eBay.

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