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MultiVersus Datamine Leaks Raven Voice Lines & Teases Another Teen Titan

Raven is almost certainly one of the next fighters coming to MultiVersus, but a second Teen Titan could be on the way too.

So far, MultiVersus’ iconic roster is made up of Warner Bros. characters exclusively. And while that’s not necessarily going to be the case forever, there’s no doubt that the publisher owns more than its fair share of familiar faces.

Most notably, the MultiVersus creator owns DC Comics, home to the “world’s greatest super heroes”. Characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn are already present in-game, but they’re not the only ones coming to the platform fighter.

WB Games

In fact, we now know that Raven of the Teen Titans might be the next superhero in the game’s roster. But first, there are two confirmed characters up next in the MultiVersus release schedule!

MultiVersus: Raven Datamined Voice Lines Leak

Raven is a new character that a lot of fans are excited to see in MultiVersus. Now, the Teen Titan and daughter of Trigon allegedly has voice lines already in the game.

Having dialogue in-game is a sure sign that your character is next to be added. After all, LeBron James’ voice lines were leaked just a few weeks back, and he’s now our newest fighter.

Now MultiVersus leaker Susie has revealed dozens of Raven’s upcoming lines, some paying reference to other fighters.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • “I heard you didn’t like magic. Hope you don’t mind my whole… thing.”
  • “Ok, I am not proud of this but I’ve fought toddlers scarier than you.”
  • “Your stupid pink flip-flops are making me inexplicably angry.”
  • “I wish Beast Boy was here. Because, uh, he’s great at fighting games. Not for any other reason.”

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Raven from Teen Titans
Warner Bros.

Interestingly enough, Raven references Beast Boy in more than a few lines of dialogue. Could this mean that the shapeshifter and fellow Teen Titan is also on the way?

We wonder where each character would fit into the MultiVersus Open Beta tier list!

Is Beast Boy Coming to MultiVersus?

Right now, Beast Boy is not confirmed to be coming to MultiVersus, despite being mentioned in the leaked voice lines.

It’s entirely possible that Raven is simply mentioning Beast Boy a lot because of the characters’ established relationship.

Beast Boy & Raven
Warner Bros.

In several iterations of the DC characters, the two characters have been shown to be interested in one another.

Because of that fact, it’s likely that Beast Boy isn’t coming to MultiVersus – at least not yet.

Besides, there are a great deal of leaked upcoming MultiVersus characters that we’re sure to get first. Which one are you most looking forward to?

But right now, MultiVersus fans want a nerf to this overpowered fighter before any new additions arrive.

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