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MultiVersus Game Director Confirms Open Beta Unlocks Will Be Permanent

There’s good news for those who hate repeating the grind, as MultiVersus will have permanent unlocks in its Open Beta.

Right now, MultiVersus is currently undergoing a new Technical Test with its Closed Alpha. Players have access to the full Season 1 Battle Pass and they’re also free to level up their characters and unlock more members of the roster.

However, those enjoying the week-long test might be sad to learn that all their hard work will be going away very soon. In fact, when the Closed Alpha comes to an end later this week, all accounts will be getting a wipe.

But it seems the same isn’t true for the upcoming Open Beta.

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MultiVersus Characters

MultiVersus Open Beta Will Have Permanent Progression & Unlocks

It seems that MultiVersus’ Open Beta will effectively be a soft launch for the game, with unlocks carrying over to the full release.

If you didn’t get into the MultiVersus Closed Alpha or you just can’t get enough of Warner Bros. platform fighter, don’t worry. The MultiVersus Open Beta is launching in July, and it sounds like it’ll be the time to begin your grind.

In a recent tweet, Game Director Tony Huynh confirms that the Open Beta will have permanent progression.

What’s interesting is that the upcoming Beta will most likely only be days away from the official release date of MultiVersus, and could potentially even lead directly into launch day, going by the fact that the game will appear at EVO 2022 in early August.

Don’t miss this massive datamine which could reveal all Day One characters coming to MultiVersus. We can’t wait to see how many of these new faces pop up in the Beta.

After all, there they’ll be available to unlock permanently.

Right now, some greedy fans are selling their extra MultiVersus Alpha codes on eBay. But those who are hoping to get ahead with leveling up characters can hold off on paying for access.

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