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MultiVersus Closed Alpha Tier List

Our MultiVersus Closed Alpha Tier List features all the best characters you’ll need to send your friends flying out of the ring!

Warner Bros Games and Player First Games have put together the ultimate showdown of Warner Bros properties with MultiVersus.

Drawing inspiration from the Super Smash Bros and other all-out brawlers, MultiVersus takes some of your favorite film, comic, and cartoon characters and throws them into a stage to fight it out.

It’s a lot of fun and features a robust cast of characters, with more to be revealed soon.

And with the Closed Alpha, a chosen few can try out MultiVersus.

The MultiVersus Closed Alpha allows you to play online against others, so if you’re looking to come out on top, here are all the best Multiversus fighters!

MultiVersus Character Select
WB Games

MultiVersus Closed Alpha Best Fighters & Tier List

Our MultiVersus Closed Alpha Tier List considers how much damage each fighter does and how well they mesh together with other fighters.

One thing that separates MultiVersus from other brawler-style fighters is that it promotes team play. Some characters act as support and can save their teammates. Others are focused on delivering as much damage as possible.

Here are the current best fighters and meta for MultiVersus.

SHarley Quinn, Taz, Jake the Dog, Finn
ASuperman, Shaggy, Velma, Reindog, Bugs Bunny
BWonder Woman, Batman, Steven Universe, Arya Stark
CGarnet, Tom and Jerry

But ultimately, every character in Multiversus can be viable if the player takes the time to learn their combos and strengths.

Don’t forget to play MultiVersus right now you need to sign up for the MultiVersus Closed Alpha! If you didn’t get a code but a friend did then you might still be in luck!

MulitVersus Closed Alpha Tips & Tricks

MultiVersus is all about damaging your enemies, supporting your teammates, and evading enemy attacks. When you first play with a character, we recommend going to The Lab and trying out the different combos.

Once you have a sense of your character’s playstyle, you can take them online to try against real players! It’s essential to know the role of your character. The different kinds of roles include support, tank, bruiser, ranged/mage, and assassin.

MultiVersus Battle
WB Games

Your role is vital because it’ll help you coordinate with your teammate. If you both pick a Ranged character, you may find yourself struggling against a good Tank and Bruiser. You won’t have enough damage output to win or proper support to help mitigate damage.

MultiVersus also offers a wide range of movement and buffs. Depending on your character, you can dodge, jump, double jump, and roll out of trouble. Players also have unlimited wall jumps! This means that it is easier for you to recover.

Unless your opponent spikes well, this is another aspect of MultiVersus that is important to master. Being able to knock your enemy off the stage is one thing, but ringing them out is another. If you don’t follow up with an attack or spike, they’ll be back again most of the time.

Once you’ve mastered the basic movement and mechanics, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in MultiVersus.

Best Support in MultiVersus

The best support is split between Reindog and Steven Universe. They are both great at what they do, but Reindog does inch out Steven Universe regarding overall damage output.

So if you’re looking for offensive support, then Reindog is a must! Reindog’s Love Leash allows players to tether to their teammates. This tether will enable them to pull in their teammates at any given moment.

If they’re about to get ringed out, you can reel them into safety. Reindog also has a great set of offensive attacks that can do massive damage and hit enemies at a range.

But if you’re looking for more defensive support, then Steven Universe will fill that spot. His ability allows players to put a shield on themselves on their teammates. Minimizing any damage that they take. But while this shield is active, Steven Universe himself can’t attack. So players will need to partner up with a Tank or Bruiser that can deliver damage.

MultiVersus Steven
WB Games

Best Tank in MultiVersus

A Tank is all about being able to last on the field and take damage for your teammates.

As expected, Superman is a living tank. He hits hard and can take massive damage before being kicked off the stage. Players can use his Ice Breath ability to freeze enemy players for an easy knockout.

They’ll also be able to use Meteor Liftoff to deliver a deadly uppercut. This makes Superman an absolute force to use in the MultiVersus Closed Alpha.

MultiVersus Superman
WB Games

Best Bruiser

When you choose Bruiser, you want a character that can maintain constant pressure on enemy players and deal great deals of damage. This allows enemies to be susceptible to a ring out early in the game. No one is better for this than Taz.

His Taz-Nado ability lets him spin ferociously into enemies and catch them in a constant attack that can build up significant damage.

MultiVersus Taz
WB Games

Best Ranged/Mage

Ranged attacks aren’t one of the first things you think about for a Brawler, but Bugs Bunny makes it work. His ability A Safe Investment allows him to place a safe on the field that can hit enemy players like a truck. Players can also hit enemy players onto this safe for extended combos.

Bugs Bunny also has an ACME rocket that he can summon to attack players. It’s a slow rocket, which means you can pressure the enemy player. It’s hard to dodge a hammer and a missile simultaneously!

But despite being a part of the Ranged role, Bugs Bunny has plenty of close-quarter attacks. He uses his hammer to hit enemies, and he can dig a hole to evade enemy attacks!

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus
WB Games

Best Assassin

As an Assassin, Arya excels at dealing quick damage and stun locking enemies to make a quick getaway. She is an expert level character which means learning her move set and strategies takes a little more time. But the payoff is worth the learning curve.

Her ability Face-Stealer allows her to steal the face of an enemy and stun-lock them into place. This allows her to either back away or cut in and deliver some quick damage. Her Dagger Slash is swift and sudden.

Meaning she can easily inflict multiple hits on an enemy character. Her movement is sporadic but efficient. She can roll and even backstab enemies. Arya is a lot of fun once you get her movement down.

MultiVersus Arya
WB Games

The MultiVersus Open Beta begins July 2022! So if you don’t get a chance to try out all these characters during the Closed Alpha then there will still be more opportunities before it fully releases later this year.

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