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MultiVersus: Can You Change Lobby Character?

Many players in MultiVersus will find themselves seeing Wonder Woman as they launch the game. But can you change the lobby character in MultiVersus?

With MultiVersus now in Open Beta, plenty of fans are playing the Platform Fighter and battling it out as some of their favorite characters.

And whether your main is Batman, Arya Stark, Taz, or more, there are plenty of characters you can decide to main.

But if you’re hoping to change the lobby character to highlight your favorite fighter, you may struggle to find the option to change the menu character.

Are You Able to Switch the Menu Character in MultiVersus?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the character that is highlighted in the lobby in MultiVersus right now.

Currently, Wonder Woman is the highlight of the lobby screen. She has been the main character in the lobby since early playtests and the Closed Alpha. If you interact with Wonder Woman, you’ll be able to some lines of dialogue from her.

MultiVersus How to Change Lobby Character

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Many players suspect that the lobby will feature new characters. And we know that plenty of characters could be coming to MultiVersus in the future.

However, a lot of players are requesting the ability to change their lobby screen to Tony Huynh, MultiVersus’ Game Director.

Of course, the team at Player First Games is working hard on MultiVersus, and balancing characters like Taz is the primary focus.

This could mean that the option to change the character could be added in the future. But we are unsure when this will be available, if ever.

WB Games

Hopefully, we’ll get the option to change our character soon though. Many MultiVersus fans want to highlight their main characters.

Speaking of characters though, if you’re hoping to master your characters faster, find out how to use this easy trick in MultiVersus to earn XP!

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