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MultiVersus Already Testing Nerfs to Taz Tornado Special

If like many other players, you’ve been frustrated with Taz in MultiVersus, you’ll be happy to hear that a nerf is on the way!

MultiVersus is finally out in Open Beta, at least for Early Access players. Warner Bros.’ platform fighter is just as good as we remember it from Closed Alpha, but it’s not quite perfect.

Right now, many users are complaining about the title’s microtransactions locking away content behind a paywall. And while you can earn gold to unlock all the characters, the grind is going to take some time.

It seems that players are being rather heavily pushed towards buying the expensive MultiVersus Founder’s Packs.

MultiVersus Taz
WB Games

But perhaps the most common complaint right now is actually regarding The Tasmanian Devil – AKA Taz.

Taz Nerf Coming to Overpowered Tornado Spin

According to Game Director Tony Huynh, Taz could be getting a nerf to its overpowered ‘Taz-nado’ special.

Right now, Taz’s side special allows him to spin into a hard-hitting tornado, which deals decent damage and huge knockback. Even when stale, the tornado is capable of sending opponents flying for an easy kill, no matter their damage percentage.

There’s a reason that Taz is so high on the MultiVersus best character tier list, particularly in Teams where it can be hard to avoid his spin move.

Right now, Huynh reports that the team is ‘aware’ of the Taz tornado complaints and is testing out a solution. However, don’t expect it anytime soon.

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How to Counter Taz Tornado in MultiVersus

In the meantime, you’ll need to learn to counter the move for yourself.

Harley and Taz MultiVersus
WB Games
  • Taz-nado has a long start-up. Watch for Taz reeling back and you can punish him or get out of the way before the attack begins.
  • Similarly, as the move finishes, Taz is left vulnerable once again. Jump above his spins and drop in with an attack of your own once he’s done.
  • In a 1v1 situation, it’s simple to dodge through the Taz-nado, giving you temporary invulnerability.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the move is not invincible! Charge up a powerful attack and let it loose if Taz comes close. Disjointed hitboxes are your friend here so take advantage of your character’s best moves.
  • Speaking of moves, projectiles will stop Taz in his tracks. Fire off a projectile like a Batarang, or blow Taz away with Superman’s Ice Breath.

With these tips in mind, Taz isn’t as overpowered as everyone would have you believe in MultiVersus. In fact, in 1v1 situations, he’s easy enough to deal with!

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Plus, we’ve got new leaked characters on the way to MultiVersus soon, so you’d better get saving those coins…

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