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MultiVersus: All Founder’s Packs – Prices, Contents, & More

If you’re wanting to hop into MultiVersus early, or you’re hoping to support the developers, here are all of the MultiVersus Founders Pack and their contents.

The release of MultiVersus’ Open Beta is coming up, but some players can get early access. Those who do will be able to play before other players when the game releases.

And while there are a few ways to get early access to MultiVersus, a guaranteed way is through Founders Packs. These are packages that do cost money, but offer a bunch of in-game rewards too.

Here are all of the MultiVersus Founders Packs, how much they cost, and what they include if you decide to buy them.

MultiVersus Founder’s Packs: Price and Bundle Contents for Each Pack

For fans of MultiVersus, or those who are excited to play it for the first time, you can purchase a Founders Pack to earn some incredible goodies!

While the main selling point of the Founders Packs is the early access to the game, there are a few ways players can get early access to MultiVersus for free.

MultiVersus All Founders Packs Contents Prices and Platforms
Warner Bros.

But for those who either don’t mind spending to start playing sooner or want to get some limited-time rewards, you’ll love the Founders Packs.

MultiVersus Founder’s Pack Standard Edition

The cheapest Founder’s Pack of the bunch gives you instant access to MultiVersus’ Open Beta in Early Access. However, it also comes with some extra in-game goodies:

  • 15 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 300 Gleamium

If you’re looking to just get access sooner, this is your best option. Buying the standard Founder’s Pack will cost you around $40 and is available on Steam, Xbox consoles, and PlayStation consoles.

WB Games

MultiVersus Founder’s Pack Deluxe Edition

The perfect middle ground for those who are excited about the game, but don’t want to spend too much! The MultiVersus Deluxe Founder’s Pack comes also gives instant access, as well as more rewards than before:

  • 20 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 1 Premium Battle Pass
  • 1 Banner (Epic)
  • 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic)
  • 1,000 Gleamium

This one will cost a bit more but comes with a lot more in-game rewards. Purchasing this version of the Founder’s Pack will set you back $60.

MultiVersus Founder’s Pack Premium Edition

While the MultiVersus Premium Founder’s Pack asks for a premium price, it’s definitely the best for fans who know they’ll love MultiVersus. Or, for those who don’t mind spending a decent chunk of money on a free-to-play game.

Alongside the instant access to Early Access, this bundle includes:

  • 30 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 3 Premium Battle Passes
  • 1 Banner (Epic)
  • 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic)
  • 1 Banner (Legendary)
  • 1 Ring Out Effect (Legendary)
  • 1 Unique Nameplate
  • 2,500 Gleamium

Those are all of the editions of the Founder’s Pack for MultiVersus. But if you’re on PC and don’t want to spend a penny, find out how to get Early Access to MultiVersus using SteelSeries.

MultiVersus Founder's Packs Standard Deluxe Premium Contents and Prices
WB Games

While you’re here, check out all of the changes, including a new map and new perks, in the MultiVersus Patch Notes!

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