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MultiVersus: All Buffs, Nerfs & Changes Coming in Next Major Balance Patch

MultiVersus has another major balance patch coming after EVO 2022 – here’s a breakdown of all the changes we currently know about.

As with any fighting game, MultiVersus will need to make regular changes as the meta evolves and issues are discovered.

With such a varied character roster, it can be hard for developers to find the perfect balance right away. That said, the team at Player First Games has done a good job keeping this fair so far.

Not only did the game release in Open Beta with a reasonable level of balance, but the team has already nerfed MultiVersus’ most overpowered fighter.

WB Games

But fans are already calling for nerfs to another popular MultiVersus character that’s terrorizing online play.

And with that in mind, we wanted to break down all confirmed buffs, nerfs, and changes set to arrive with the game’s next balance patch.

MultiVersus Next Update: Early Patch Notes

When Is the MultiVersus Balance Patch’s Release Date?

The next major MultiVersus balance patch is releasing after EVO, Sony’s fighting game tournament, which ends on August 7, 2022.

We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but we can be sure that the patch won’t launch prior to the tournament’s end.

Bugs Bunny Nerfs

If you’re thinking of buying the Looney Tunes mascot, you may want to hold off. In a recent tweet, Tony Huynh confirms that Bugs Bunny is getting nerfs in the post-EVO patch.

Make no mistake, it’ll still be rabbit season for some time, as Tony reports that Bugs will always be fun.

LeBron James Buffs

LeBron might be the newest face in the roster (for now, Rick and Morty’s release date is just around the corner) but it seems he still needs some work.

Right now, an issue with LeBron is that both his down tilt and side tilt attacks share the same Attack Decay. As such, the fighter begins to do reduced damage after far fewer attacks than should be the case – but the issue will be fixed in the incoming patch.

Wonder Woman Buffs

Wonder Woman is the one character that every MultiVersus player can own for free, as she’s unlockable by completing the tutorial. With that in mind, a lot of fans should be happy to hear that the character is getting buffs in the upcoming patch.

Players want shorter cooldowns across the board, but whatever Player First Games decides, we’ll have to wait and see.

Not a Wonder Woman fan? Here’s how to replace her with The Legend of Zelda’s Link!

Finn the Human Nerfs

It seems that Finn’s reign of terror is coming to an end at last. Not only has the character been free for all players lately, but he’s also a little too strong.

Here are the changes most likely to be coming to Finn in the upcoming MultiVersus patch.

Tom and Jerry Fixes

Those who main the cat and mouse duo will likely notice that Tom and Jerry occasionally get locked out of attacking.

Thankfully, whatever issue was causing the unique problem is getting a fix in the next update.

Free Character Rotation Changes

After the Open Beta went live for all players, some MultiVersus fans got upset that Shaggy, Harley, and more characters were suddenly locked.

The reason for this is that MultiVersus will regularly change the fighters on its free rotation, something that was unclear from the get-go. In the new patch, players will be more aware of which characters are free in rotation, and they’ll also be able to purchase fighters that are currently free-to-play.

Bug Fixes

One of the best parts of the upcoming patch is that it will be targeting and eliminating several bugs that are currently appearing in-game. A confirmed example of a now-fixed issue is the strange graphical glitch that sometimes follows Iron Giant around, shown below.

Another minor bug that’s already resolved is the issue where players don’t get their golden name appearing correctly to friends.

This issue only affects those who bought the expensive MultiVersus Founder’s Packs but it’s nice to see a fix already.

This isn’t all the changes that are coming in the MultiVersus update, but it’s all we know about so far. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground and updating this article as more buffs, nerfs, and fixes get revealed.

Meanwhile, did you know that MultiVersus’ next fighter might be leaking already?

On top of that, Rick Sanchez is already appearing in-game for some players!

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