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MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challange Fortnite: Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you practice and win $1 million in Fortnite, courtesy of MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge.

While you will only have three hours in Fortnite to earn the best “Score” in MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge, the practice opened on December 13, giving you time to up your skills.

Those familiar with games like Fall Guys, Mario Party, or even the recent Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be familiar with the setup of this battle royale-esque obstacle challenge.

Though there are many challenges to overcome, claiming the top reward may be within your reach with some tips before jumping in.

How Does MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge Work

Each match pits 16 players against each other, switching between an obstacle course in the arena and one of six mini-games.

This continues until one player remains. Then it goes into Overtime if a single player survives. Overtime is a gauntlet obstacle course in the arena that only ends when the surviving player dies.

You cannot die in the mini-games. Damage is only dealt in the obstacle course by hitting obstacles, falling into the water or getting hit by various hazards.

  • Once your health bar depletes, you are out of the game.
  • There are periods when the water can heal you, or healing items spawn in the middle of the map.

You increase your “Score” by winning or placing (first, second, third) in mini-games, or by gathering floating coins, emoting on yellow “dancefloors” in the obstacle course, or just surviving longer.

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Average Match Rundown

  • After waiting in the lobby for each match, you spawn into the obstacle course arena and wait for the hazards.
    • You must avoid standing on falling platforms, sequences of moving damaging red barriers, bombs and lightning blasts, and more.
    • You also must follow the prompts on the screen that command you to crouch, use emotes, and more.
      • To crouch, press Left Control on PC, press in the Right Stick on consoles, or press the crouching icon on the right on mobile.
    • If hazards hit you in this section, you will lose “Score.”
  • These get harder as the match continues, and five dots light up below the jumbotron, showing how long until the next mini-game begins.
  • Then you play one of six mini-games randomly selected, and if you win, your “Score” increases.
  • You are not damaged, nor do you lose “Score” in mini-games.
  • The mini-games, in-depth tips, and explanations are in the headings below.
    • Floor is lava
    • Gray Briefcase
    • Get to the Center of the Maze
    • Don’t Fall to the Bottom
    • Ice Circle Shrink
    • Red light, green light

Tips for Each Mini-Game in MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challange

There are six mini-games in the challenge, and it is better to prioritize placing or winning as opposed to gathering coins until you discover a good route for each.

Every mini-game is timed. Some will end only when the timer is up and others can end when all players are dead.

Since most mini-games are not randomized or change between appearances, you can determine the best path to win each challenge and repeat it on every attempt.

Floor Is Lava

Inspired by the viral trend, this mini-game has players jumping on ice blocks as lava rises to the top of the map. The last player alive wins.

  • Speed and looking several jumps ahead are the keys here.
    • Ignore coins until you find a good route for you.
    • The Lava rises quickly, so you can not make many mistakes.
  • Use the sprint jump to reach higher blocks.
    • To sprint jump, hold the sprint button and jump simultaneously.
  • There isn’t a wrong route in this mini-game; just aim to reach the top-most block.
  • Once all players die, or the timer ends, the match will end.

Gray Briefcase

Hidden somewhere on a small tropical island, players must find a briefcase; whoever finds it first wins.

  • Look through the spawn points around the map that @FortniteDotGG discovered.
  • Alternatively, you can also go after the coins in this one if it’s taking too long to find the briefcase.
  • When the timer runs out, the mini-game ends regardless if a player finds the briefcase.

Don’t Fall to the Bottom

Anyone who has played a platformer will recognize this challenge; tiles will fall after a player steps on them, and whoever is the last player to reach the bottom wins.

  • Run but don’t sprint, as you want to stay as long as possible on each tile.
  • Don’t walk on tiles other players have walked on.
  • Jump over to stable tiles (not shaking), and like the lava challenge, think several moves ahead.
  • Once all players die or the timer ends, the match will end.
Falling tile challenge in fortnite

Get to the Center of the Maze

In this mini-game, you are tasked with reaching the center of a hedge maze. The game will only end once the timer runs out.

Maze in Fortnite
  • @FortniteDotGG discovered you can spawn four places on the map, with two entrances to the center.
  • Jump to see over the hedge maze to see where the center is and nearby dead ends.

Get to the Bottom

Bringing the classic Minecraft dropper format to MrBeast’s Fortnite level. This mini-game has you falling to the bottom of a pit while avoiding hitting anything, including the walls.

  • Generally, as long as you aim slightly off the center of the pit, there are open areas to fall through (o.
  • You will spawn randomly around the pit.
  • The picture below illustrates the best pockets or fall points to fall into.
    • It is best to fall from the edges of where the arrows are pointing
    • If you spawn on the opposite side of the picture below, either attempt a sprint jump to reach one of the ideal pockets or fall and hit the nearest platform to respawn.
  • The game will only end once the timer runs out.

Ice Circle Shrink

Equipped with a Grappler, a gun that will pull you toward where you shoot, you are placed on a shrinking ice rink. Collect as many coins as possible before the timer ends and don’t fall off the edge.

  • This is one of the few mini-games where coins are the absolute priority,
    • Don’t worry about surviving too much, as there is no reward for lasting longer.
  • If you fall off, aim your gun at the far end of the rink and shoot to get as high as possible.
  • Don’t stay near the edge.
  • Avoid sprinting, especially as the map gets smaller.
    • Instead, run or grapple to a location so you do not slide as much.

Red Light, Green Light

In a recreation of the classic game, and no doubt parroting Squid Game and MrBeast’s own version, this mini-game requires you to move on green and stop on red.

  • If you want to place, you must sprint when it is green, but avoid sliding.
  • Otherwise, listen closely to the sound cues to determine when it will turn red or green.
  • Do not move when the light is red, including with momentum. Be sure to stop completely unless the light is green.

How To Increase Your Score in MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge

To improve your score, you must collect coins, win mini-games, not lose points by getting damaged by hazards, and last the longest in the main obstacle course.

It’s a balance of going after risky coins while managing your health on the obstacle course. But in the mini-games, focus on placing or winning, not getting coins.

Ultimately, you will have more opportunities to improve your score if you survive longer and get to the Overtime mode to infinitely raise your “Score.”

How to Survive Longer on MrBeast’s Obstacle Course

The best survival strategy is to keep a close eye on the text prompts at the center of the screen, which announces healing items and necessary actions, and to track the moving obstacles from both directions.

Also, despite the temptation, don’t go after dancefloors or coins without checking both directions for obstacles and hazards.

  • Keep turning the camera around to see obstacles coming from both sides.
  • Choose a side of the map (left or right) when the Pinball Bumpers appear.
  • Stay near the edge between the inner and outer circle in case either falls.
  • Make sure to keep up with the prompts in the center of the screen, as you can potentially die or lose health if you don’t.
    • These might require you to use an emote or crouch; if you do not, you will take damage.
    • Look out for healing item notices or when the water below the arena can heal you.
  • Surviving is more important than gathering coins, so do not take huge risks.

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