The MRAP is a brand new vehicle in Warzone Season 5 and as part of the “Abandoned Vehicle” DMZ mission, players will need to locate one.

Getting your hands on this vehicle is a little tricky, as unlike others found on the map, you will first need to get a key.

Acquiring a key can be a difficult task but don’t worry, as we’ll dive into how you can get your hands on one to unlock the MRAP.

How to Get an MRAP Key

Players in Warzone DMZ can get an MRAP Key by:

  • Finding one as part of ground loot and in loot caches.
  • Purchasing one for $200,000 at a Buy Station.
  • Killing another Operator who has one.

The best way to ensure you find one is by buying it for yourself. However, $200,000 is a lot of money in DMZ, so we recommend unlocking and expanding your wallet capacity, so you can store cash from previous games.

This can be done by selecting “Mission Objectives” next to Deploy and heading to the “Upgrade” tab.

On your way to expanding your wallet, you may even naturally find a key throughout Al Mazrah, making it easier to get the vehicle.

MRAP key in DMZ Shop

How to Find MRAP Vehicle

Once you have the key to find an MRAP, open up your map and look for a symbol similar to a tank, as shown in the image below.

This vehicle can be commonly found around Al Mazrah City but can also spawn anywhere on the map. We suggest searching the areas close to you first.

Additionally, if someone else gets their hands on the MRAP, do not worry as this vehicle has multiple spawns, so open your map and look for another location.

MRAP symbol on the map
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