Leveling up weapons in Warzone 2 can be a tedious process, but players have discovered a new way to rank them up using the Most Wanted contract.

The Most Wanted contract has been known to provide fast leveling methods in the past and was even removed due to an XP glitch back in Season 1. However, this new method may just be better.

How to Level Weapons Fast in Warzone 2 Using the Most Wanted Contract

Leveling up using this method is extremely simple and involves no exploits. Here is what players need to do:

  1. Locate a Most Wanted Contract on the map
    • This is a green contract with a crown as its symbol, as depicted in the image below.
Most Wanted Contract levels up weapons in Warzone 2
  1. Ensure you have the weapon you want to level up as one of your two guns.
  2. Pick up the contract to begin the three minute countdown.
  3. Quickly open any chests or loot caches you can find to lower the time of the contract.
    • Each chest or loot cache you open will reduce the time by ten seconds.
  4. Before the contract completes, hold the gun you want to level up in your hand.
  5. This weapon will receive a ton of XP and shoot up in the ranks once completed.
Most wanted contract completing and leveling weapons up

Although this will quickly boost the level of your weapons, you must be cautious of the risks associated with being the Most Wanted player.

One of the drawbacks of this contract is that your location will be visible on the Warzone map to all players.

We recommend that you either remain close to your teammates so you can fight any attacking enemies as a squad.

Or that you stay inside a building where you can watch over the entrance while your teammates reduce the time by opening chests and loot caches.

Repeating this method multiple times in one match can ensure you reach the maximum level as soon as possible.

From testing, we got a weapon from level 0 up to level 16 from completing two contracts in the game.

Players will especially want to do this with the two new weapons released in Season 3, the FJX Imperium sniper and the Cronen Squall battle rifle.

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