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Most Underrated Weapon in Warzone Found By JackFrags

YouTuber JackFrags has found that this launcher is the most underrated weapon in Warzone.

Warzone is a game of guns. As everyone picks up their loadout during the game, it’s important to be using the best guns so you have the highest chance of winning.

Long-time Warzone fans may be able to remember back when the game released and the RPG was totally overpowered. The weapon JackFrags tested is also a launcher, but it’s way better than the RPG ever was.

Most Underrated Weapon in Warzone?

JackFrags initially tried the Strela-P as a joke. However, he quickly found it was extremely powerful in many different scenarios.

Jack later concluded that the launcher is the most underrated weapon in Warzone for a number of reasons.

In a recent video, JackFrags and his squad pretended to be bots to see if they would get easier lobbies. Their results were very surprising.

Strela-P Warzone

Strela-P Is the Best Launcher in Warzone

The Strela-P is definitely a top tier weapon in Warzone, according to JackFrags. He calls it the most underrated weapon in Warzone for a reason.

The underrated launcher is a one-shot-kill to any enemy in Warzone with a direct hit. It also has the firepower to destroy any vehicle, including a truck, with just one shot.

Unlike the RPG, the Strela-P has a scope. This, along with the high speed of the rocket it shoots, gives the Strela high accuracy at longer ranges and makes it a good counter for snipers who are hiding behind cover.

For players who prefer sniping to a launcher, don’t worry. Check out the best loadout for Verdansk in Warzone Season 1.

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Players can also just pick up and play with the Strela-P straight away, as it has no attachments. There’s no excuse to not give it a try as you don’t even need to level it up for it to be good.

Check out JackFrags’ video showcasing how underrated the Strela-P is in Warzone and why it’s a weapon you should definitely try.

JackFrags YouTube

However, content creators may not be making videos like this for much longer. Drift0r said that YouTubers and streamers could quit Warzone unless the cheating problem is fixed.

It isn’t just content creators who could quit though. Everyone playing Warzone is totally fed up with the increasing number of hackers.

Meanwhile, a streamer has found a new way to get infinite stims in Warzone. Let’s hope Raven fixes this issue soon because you can’t beat a stim glitcher even with Warzone’s most underrated weapon.

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