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Most Popular Meta Weapon in Warzone Season 5 Revealed

What’s the most popular weapon in Warzone Season 5? Find out the guns players have been picking most when dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Warzone played always gravitate towards the most powerful weapons. However, after the Season 5 update, players have been using one weapon way more than the others.

Website WZRanked tracks how many players use each weapon and the results are quite surprising.

But first, check out the best loadouts for both of the maps in Warzone:


Top 3 Most Picked Weapon in Warzone Season 5

As well as being the most popular Assault Rifle, the Krig 6 is also by far the most popular weapon in Warzone Season 5, with a whopping 18.83% of players using it.

This is thanks to its laser-beam accuracy and good damage output, in comparison to other assault rifles in the game.

Check out the most accurate Krig 6 loadout in Warzone.

krig 6 Warzone loadout

Meanwhile, the most popular sniper in Warzone Season 5 is still the Kar98k. 8.36% of players have the Kar98k in their loadout, even if many players believe that the Swiss K31 is actually better.

Although, there’s no debating that the Kar98k is the fastest handling sniper rifle and is perfect for aggressive snipers.

Here’s the best Kar98k loadout in Warzone.


Finally, an old favorite has returned to become the most popular SMG in Warzone Season 5. WZRanked says 7.83% of players are using the MAC-10 in their Warzonoe loadout at the moment, which is around 1% more than the high ammo capacity Bullfrog.

The reason why so many players have gone back to the MAC-10 is thanks to its great mobility and rapid fire rate. It has some pretty good range for an SMG too!

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Check out the meta MAC-10 loadout in Warzone.

And those are the top 3 most popular weapons in Warzone Season 5. Will you be trying out any of these weapons in Verdansk soon?

Mac-10 Warzone

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