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Most Popular Game Mode in Warzone Revealed

The most popular game mode in Warzone has been revealed and it will come as a major surprise to many Warzone players.

Warzone is a Battle Royale game first and foremost. However, it has a number of different game modes which players like to hop into.

Whether it is the classic Battle Royale mode, Resurgence on Rebirth Island, or even a limited-time mode like Iron Trials ’84, everyone has their favorite.

However, JGOD has found out what game mode Warzone fans like the most, and the results are rather surprising.

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Warzone Rebirth Island

YouTuber JGOD is mostly known for his Warzone loadout tips. However, he recently conducted a poll of over 84,000 Warzone players to find out which game mode is the most popular.

The poll revealed that Rebirth Resurgence is the most popular game mode with 45% of the players picking it. Standard BR was second place with 27% and Iron Trials ’84 was third, despite players wanting Iron Trials to become permanent.

The new Realism game mode, as well as Plunder, got only 5% of the vote each. These results are somewhat surprising, so why do players prefer Rebirth Resurgence?

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Why Do Warzone Players Prefer Rebirth Resurgence to Verdansk Battle Royale?

Players have previously said that Rebirth Resurgence is the best game mode in Warzone for a number of reasons. Most important of which is that it is so fast in comparison to standard Battle Royale.

However, another major factor is hackers. Warzone hackers and cheaters are still a major problem and they seem to be way more common in Verdansk than on Rebirth Island.

Therefore, many players now think that Resurgence on Rebirth Island is their favorite game mode in Warzone. A fast-paced, hacker-free game is exactly what Warzone players want right now.

The player base looks to be in even more luck soon. This is because the new Warzone Pacific map will have improved anti-cheat.

In other Call of Duty news, a new Halloween event is on the horizon. Find out the release date of ‘The Haunting’ in Cold War and Warzone.

Additionally, ‘The Haunting’ is already being teased in Cold War’s Nuketown map. This will be one of the highlights of the upcoming Warzone and Cold War Season 6 update.

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