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Most Broken Weapon in Warzone Needs Nerf, Says NICKMERCS

YouTuber and streamer NICKMERCS has revealed what weapon he thinks is the "most broken thing" in Warzone right now and why it needs a nerf.

Warzone, like any other battle royale game, is all about being the last man standing. Players will do anything to get an advantage over their enemies.

Therefore, players always tend to gravitate towards the 'meta' or most powerful weapon in the game. In his newest video, NICKMERCS revealed which gun is the most broken in Warzone at the moment and why it needs to be nerfed.

Warzone Most Broken Weapon NICKMERCS

Best Weapon in Warzone Season 2?

Anyone who has played Warzone over the last few weeks will have noticed the rise of the AUG. This burst-fire tactical rifle is now one of the most broken weapons in Warzone.

Weapon balancing in Warzone was the best it has been for a long time a few weeks ago, but then the AUG became to the go-to gun. Now everyone is using it.

The AUG has the potential to down players in two bursts and has insane bullet velocity thanks to the recent Agency Suppressor buff for Cold War guns in Warzone. This is what makes it the most broken gun in Warzone.

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best AUG setup Warzone

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded AUG Nerf?

NICKMERCS says that the AUG is the "most broken thing in Warzone" at the moment. He even said it is worse than cheating, even if hackers are making Warzone unplayable once again, so it needs to be nerfed.

Nick also warns that unless Raven Software does some tuning to the AUG, players could be left with "4 months of AUGzone". Nobody wants that.

Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven will nerf this totally broken weapon soon. We already know that there will be huge weapon balancing changes coming in Cold War Season 2 Reloaded, so why not Warzone too?

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Meanwhile, a black screen glitch is now stopping Warzone wins from counting for loads of players. This is a major issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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