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More Sony Exclusives Are Coming to PC Says Reliable Leaker

More Sony PS4/PS5 exclusives are coming to PC this year, according to one prominent leaker. If correct, this news could be a huge win for PC gamers.

This new console generation hasn’t just been beneficial for PlayStation and Xbox owners; PC gamers are also getting some love from Sony and Microsoft.

Microsoft has catered for PC gamers for a while now, something that’s easy to do when you’re the parent company of both Xbox and Windows. But now Sony is also sharing the wealth, finally letting PC gamers get a taste of more PlayStation exclusives.

Days Gone Zombies

We previously reported that games like Day’s Gone was coming to PC this spring. Following in the footsteps of Horizon Zero Dawn, which was very well received by PC players.

Now a new leak from Twitter user @CrazyLeaksOnATrain has revealed that God of War (2018) and Ghost of Tsushima are both headed to PC. They also predict that Bloodborne and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection is also coming to PC.

This particular leaker has a good track record; they accurately predicted that Kingdom Hearts, the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, and Nioh 2 were all getting a port to PC. So, we’re inclined to take what they say seriously.

Sony's Position On PS4 / PS5 Games Coming To PC

Sony seems more open to bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC after Death Stranding and Horizon's success. Therefore, we feel like this prediction is more than realistic.

Should something like Bloodborne do well on PC, then it’s also feasible that the Demon’s Souls remake could also receive a port. This is something Souls fans have been asking for since 2009.

Demon's Souls PS5

Sony boss Jim Ryan has also made some positive noises when it comes to bringing more PlayStation exclusives to PC. In a recent interview with GQ (via IGN) Ryan explained Sony’s position, something which surprised a lot of people.

It was also the same interview that Sony announced their new PSVR2 plans on PS5 and confirmed that more free games would be coming to PS Plus and the PS Plus Library in the future.

Ryan also gave an update about Sony’s plans to help PS5 stock levels increase. After the news that the shortage could go on until summer.

However, we’ve created the Ultimate Guide to securing a PS5 through Walmart in 2021.

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