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More PS5 Pre-Orders in India Coming, First Lot Sells Out in Minutes

PlayStation fans in India still have some hope of securing PS5 pre-orders.

PS5 pre-orders in India went on sale at multiple retailers earlier today but they all sold out almost instantly. Amazon India's allocation disappeared straight away, while other retailers had stock for less than 10 minutes.

PlayStation fans in India will be hoping that some of the millions of PS5 consoles allegedly being shipped over the next few months will be going on sale there.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, gamers in India would expect more PS5 pre-orders to be available in the country. Sony's original launch plans said that 12,000-15,000 units would be enough, but clearly, that's not the case.

However, PlayStation fans in India still have hope of securing a PS5 pre-order before the February 2nd release date. A second phase of pre-orders could be on the way.

This is likely considering Sony plans to ship 18 million PS5s by the end of the year.

More PS5 Pre-Orders Coming to India?

IGN India got a comment from a Sony India spokesperson who said:

“PS5 has met with unprecedented enthusiasm by PlayStation fans in India, resulting in a stockout during the pre-order period. Please stay in touch with retailers for the next pre-order phase.”

This confirms that a second phase of PS5 pre-orders in India will go live at some point soon, so remain vigilant.

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