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More PS4 Games Have Received 60fps Update on PS5

The PS5 has given a boost to PS4 games since release as more games are upgraded and improved. Now more titles have been optimized.

Backwards compatibility has been important for this generation of consoles. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are compatible with the majority of last-gen games.

Since release of the PS5, many PS4 games have received upgrades to take advantage of the console’s power. Not to mention the 4K, HDR, and rapid refresh visual possibilities.

As a result, PS4 games look better than ever. The good news is more and more games are getting this treatment.

Here are the most recent:

Days Gone

Sony’s open-world zombie horde slaying game has received a sweet 60fps upgrade. The game only ran at 30fps on PS4 but reaches new heights on PS5.

This is especially useful for Days Gone because the increased frame rate improves the game’s performance in a meaningful way. We’re talking, of course, about the hordes of fast-moving zombies!

The increased frame rate makes the shambling hordes flow across the screen in a much smoother way. And as this is a big part of the game’s design, it really helps it live up to its potential.

Days Gone Zombies


Skyrim looks as incredible as ever in 4K, but in truth the PS5 version doesn’t do anything the PS4 Pro version didn’t. Until now.

Although the new improvements come from a third-party mod that allows the game to run in 60fps on PS5. The mod is now in the Skyrim mod menu.

After activation, the game looks glorious in 60fps and runs much smoother too. Perhaps in time Bethesda will patch the game themselves to run in 60fps, but the mod means they may not need to.

Skyrim still feels like a PS3 game in many ways, but in 4K and 60fps, this is as good as it’s ever looked on console.

Skyrim 4K

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Fallen Order has received several upgrades. The game’s framerate has been increased to 60fps (there’s a pattern emerging here) from 45fps on PS4 Pro – and the difference is stark.

Not only that, Fallen Order now makes the most of the PS5’s 4K resolution too, with the game’s postprocessing limit boosted to 1440p.

The force behind the PS5 really is with us!

Ghost of Tsushima

This samurai adventure from Sucker Punch needed no help for its game world to look stunning. Even in HD Ghosts of Tsushima is a visual treat, but now the game has been upgraded to run in 60fps.

As a result, the game is now silky smooth, and together with 4K resolution, playing the game on PS5 really is the best way to experience it. We can only imagine what a native PS5 version would look like.

Let’s hope the game is upgraded further in time.

Ghosts of Tsush

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