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More Pokemon Remakes Could Be Coming Besides Diamond and Pearl

We’ll be getting some exciting Pokemon news this weekend regarding the Diamond and Pearl remakes – but could there be more?

Many Pokemon fans were disappointed by the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, but things have become a lot more exciting since then.

The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake hype is at fever pitch now. The news will be coming on Saturday.

But the information could be more significant than we thought. At least according to another industry insider.

Earlier this week, Pokémon’s official Twitter page dropped the biggest hint yet that the Pokemon remakes were coming. – And that they would indeed take place in Sinnoh; the location of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

They Tweeted, “Let’s Go Sinnoh!” Followed by pictures of the gen 4 starters followed by “four more days!”

To us and many other fans and pundits, this was the closest thing Nintendo has given us to full confirmation when it comes to the Pokemon remakes. While not yet official confirmation in the way of a formal announcement, it wasn’t far off.

Pokemon Remakes Gen 4 – Let’s Go Sinnoh

The “Let’s Go Sinnoh” also implied that the game would be a Let’s Go Pokemon remake rather than a traditional one. Therefore, more like Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee than, say, OmegaRuby/Alpha Sapphire.

This was surprising, as earlier rumors suggested that Pokemon may show off two games this weekend. The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes alongside a new Let’s Go game. – The second game potentially being a Let’s Go remake of Gen 2; Pokemon Silver and Gold.

This was a dream scenario, but after the official Tweet saying, “Let’s Go Sinnoh,” now seemed unlikely. But a new Tweet from reliable leaker Dark Ho-Oh has clarified what he believes is happening this weekend.

According to Dark Ho-Oh, the official Tweet from Nintendo/Pokemon Company was a subtle misdirect. Instead, the Diamond and Pearl remakes will be announced, as will the game Let’s Go: Catching.

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Remake

Pokemon Remakes Gen 2 – Let’s Go: Catching

And that Let’s Go: Catching, which will indeed be a Let’s Go styled remake of Pokemon Silver and Gold. The second generation of Pokemon games, set in Johto.

While the Let’s Go games aren’t as popular with old-school Pokemon fans as the traditional remakes, they are still fully-fledged remakes in their own right. They just make use of the Pokemon Go catching mechanic instead of the usual Pokemon catching technique.

If true, it could be a dream scenario for Pokemon fans – who are getting two remakes instead of one!  But take this rumor with a pinch of salt; while Dark Ho-Oh is a reliable industry insider, a rumor is just a rumor until it’s officially confirmed.

We’d also be surprised to see two Pokemon remakes arrive in 2021, but nothing is outside the realm of possibility. It is Pokemon’s 25th anniversary after all.

But that would beg the question, what would Pokemon’s 2022 game be? We find it unlikely that Nintendo would announce Let’s Go: Catching eighteen months before it releases too.

As the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes have leaked multiple times – and have been alluded to by Nintendo themselves. We’re confident they are real.

But we’re also confident that Pokemon Let’s Go: Catching is real, having leaked from multiple sources. The only question now is how will this all play out?

Another leak revealed that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will have a special episode featuring a very important legendary Pokemon. We’re excited to learn more about this at the weekend.

It’s going to be a fun weekend for Pokemon fans!

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