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More Classics Coming to The Nintendo Switch In 2021

More ports of classic games are coming to the Nintendo Switch in early 2021. Here are the latest ones between now and March.

The Nintendo Switch is doing exceptionally well at the moment. Not only is the console still selling like hotcakes, but it’s also getting plenty of exclusive titles and on top of all its other releases.

More and more developers are taking a chance with the Nintendo Switch. As they are developing games for it alongside Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

Of course, Switch versions are usually less flashy than their PlayStation or Xbox counterparts, but can you really argue with portable Skyrim?

This portability has been the console's main advantage as more and more classic games find new life on the Switch after being ported.

Here are the latest recruits:

Hitman 3 – 21st of January

While this isn’t a port per-se, it makes the list due to the way it’s arriving on Switch. Agent 47’s latest lethal outing will come to Nintendo’s hybrid console via their cloud gaming service.

This will happen tomorrow, so suit up and get your silver ballers ready. It’s time for some portable calculated carnage.

Super Mario 3D World – 12th of February 2021

We’ve covered Super Mario 3D World’s Nintendo Switch debut extensively in recent weeks. And we’re just as excited as ever.

Mario’s major Wii U outing deserved another chance. But the game will also include a brand-new stand-alone DLC in Bowser’s Fury included in the bundle. Mama-mia!

New Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch Trailer Is Here

Republique - 25th of February 2021 (Rumor)

While this is unconfirmed, a recent leak suggests that this iOS stealth-‘em-up will be coming to Nintendo Switch in February.

If true, then the Switch will make an excellent platform for this title. Republique deserved better than what iOS could give it, but the game suits portable play.

Therefore, we expect the Switch and Republique will be a match made in heaven. Let’s just hope the rumor is true.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – 16th of March 2021

Open-world action RPGs are having a renaissance on the Nintendo Switch in recent years. The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Dragon’s Dogma, Final Fantasy 12, need we go on?

Kingdoms of Amalur’s remaster will fit in nicely when it arrives in March.


Subnautica – Early 2021

While the exact release date is unconfirmed, Subnautica will arrive on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year during the early months. We suspect it will be March or April, but this is unconfirmed.

First-person, survival horror, exploration games have done well on the Switch. Subnautica is likely to repeat this success.

It may look beautiful, but this is a game that wants to unsettle you – and it will.


There's plenty more games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021 too. As well as more coming to the Nintendo eShop.

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