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Special Edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch Console Unveiled by Nintendo

Nintendo has announced a special edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch console to release alongside the game in March.

The new special edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch console looks rather slick. It will release on the 26h of March 2021 alongside the game and will be bundled with a digital game code too.

This code will allow users to download a copy of Monster Hunter Rise to play on their snazzy new console. The Monster Hunter themed console sports MH designs across all of its peripherals.

The Joy-Cons, the dock, and the Switch console itself all contain the series trademark art and stylish look. Although the controller base for the Joy-Cons seems just to be a regular version.

There will also be a Nintendo Switch Pro controller releasing with the same Monster Hunter themes. But this will be sold separately and will not be part of the bundle.

Although it means those who already own the console can pick up a new controller to use alongside the game. If you don’t own a pro controller and plan on picking up Monster Hunter Rise, this may be the one to go for!

Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive (for now) following in the footsteps of Monster Hunter World. Switch owners felt left out after the release of MH: World, as that title never arrived on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Rise has been created using the same engine and aims to give Switch owners a fresh and modern Monster Hunter experience. And a similar one to which World gave players on Xbox and PlayStation.

If you want a taste of the game, the MH: Rise demo is still available on the Switch store. But it won’t be after the 31st of January, so be quick.

Those who have save data on their device will also get special items when the game releases. We have learned how you could play the Monster Hunter Rise demo forever here.

The MH: Rise isn’t the only game to get its own custom console, a Mario themed Nintendo Switch has also been revealed.

A new Mario game has also been teased by this latest leak.

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