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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Play the Demo Forever

The Monster Hunter Rise demo has finally hit the Nintendo Eshop. Nintendo Switch users have already found a way to maximize their time with the game.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is available to download now, although it did cause some problems for the Nintendo Eshop earlier this week.

Although Monster Hunter has never been a particularly huge series in the Western world. MH World paved the way for the franchise to move into the popular mainstream.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment in the series and is set to be released on March 26, later this year for Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo

The Monster Hunter Rise Demo is available now, you can try out quests in both Single Player and Online or Local Multiplayer.

However, do be aware that you will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to use Online Multiplayer.

Fortunately, it appears that a free trial of Nintendo Switch Online happens to coincide with the Monster Hunter demo.

It might be worth mentioning that a Nintendo Leak has revealed major switch titles coming in 2021. So you might want to keep your membership ongoing.

So this is the perfect opportunity to practice your Monster Hunter abilities with friends...

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise

The demo features four quests, including two tutorial missions and two full hunts for players to enjoy. More information about the demo can be found here.

Players will be able to try out all fourteen weapon types too. As a result, you can use this time to figure out what kind of playstyle you enjoy.

The demo itself is around 1.6GB so make sure you've got enough free space on your Nintendo Switch beforehand.

Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that you will not be able to transfer your save data to the main game.

How To Play The Demo Forever

Once you've downloaded the demo you'll find that there are a number of limitations in place, like all good demos...

For starters, the quests for Great Izuchi and Mizutsune can only be played a total of 30 times.

Once you have reached this limit, all four quests will no longer be available to play.

There are some stipulations regarding how the demo can be played which include:

  • *The demo can be played under the following conditions:
    [Single Player and Local Multiplayer]
    ・Until the remaining number of quests hits 0.
    [Online Multiplayer]
    ・Until the remaining number of quests hits 0.
    ・When the MONSTER HUNTER RISE DEMO can no longer be downloaded.

Interestingly, however, some players have found out how to reset the "remaining number of quests timer".

This allows users to play as much of the Monster Hunter Rise demo as they want before it disappears from the Eshop.

The trick involves manipulating your data in order to reset the timer back to 30 quests.

By going to System Settings >Data Management > Delete Save Data and selecting the MHR demo, you can reset this counter.

MH Rise Demo - Play Forever
MH Rise Demo - Play Forever

The huge variety of weapons available in MH Rise does mean that 30 quests is a little lacking.

Furthermore, if you spent a huge amount of time with one weapon or wanted to try out both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, you needn't worry.

This trick will allow you to play the Monster Rise demo forever and get to grips with all aspects of the game before its launch.

You might also want to think about Nintendo's rumored console, the Switch Pro. A leak has already revealed an alleged release date for Nintendo's new console.

Furthermore, the Switch Pro could be better than we imagine. Another leak has indicated that the Nintendo Switch Pro display could be OLED.

Let us know what your favorite weapon type is in the Monster Hunter Rise demo. It's the perfect opportunity to hone your skills ready for the game's release in a few month's time.

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