Here’s where to find all 3 Monoliths in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 and how to visit them for your Week 6 Quest.

If you’ve been enjoying Fortnite MEGA, chances are you’ve come across some strange Monoliths around the map already. These areas contain a few chests and other simple loot, as well as being a spawn point for Serenade, one of the season’s NPCs.

But thanks to this Week 6 challenge, all 3 Monolith locations are about to be hotly contested drops.

Where to Find Monoliths in Fortnite

The 3 Monolith locations on the Fortnite island can be found:

  • Southwest of The Citadel, just past the castle’s bridge
  • On the island surrounded by ice, northwest of Brutal Bastion
  • The grey spot on the map halfway between Kenjutsu Crossing and Knotty Nets
All 3 Monoliths Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4

All 3 Monoliths must be visited to complete the Fortnite quest. You cannot visit the same Monolith on 3 separate occasions.

However, all 3 Monoliths don’t have to be visited in the same game. Your progress will track between rounds, so you can drop right into a new Monolith at the start of each match.

But Monoliths aren’t the only things you’ll be hunting this week. Here are all the Gong locations you’ll need for one of Fortnite’s other Week 6 missions!

How to Visit Monoliths – Fortnite Quest Guide

Monolith Location 1

The first set of Monoliths is located to the southwest of The Citadel POI.

It’s found very close to the southern end of the castle’s bridge.

Monolith Location 1 Fortnite

Monolith Location 2

The second Monolith is hiding on an island in the frozen lake.

As such, these towers will be on a snowy mound completely surrounded by ice, to the northwest of Brutal Bastion.

Monolith Location 2 Fortnite

Monolith Location 3

Finally, your third Monolith location is situated on the southeast edge of the island approximately halfway between Kenjutsu Crossing and Knotty Nets.

When looking at the map, you’ll notice a grey patch representing where the Monoliths are waiting.

Fortnite Monolith Location 3

Now that you know where to find all 3, your Week 6 ‘Visit Monoliths’ quest will be a breeze to complete!

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